Weight Loss at Work

Are you trying to set time aside before or after work for fat burning exercises?  How is that working for you?  If that is a problem here is the good news.  Weight loss at work is possible!

8 Creative Ways to Burn More Fat at Work

Do you get home and make dinner only to realize that there is just simply no time left in the day for exercise?  If I told you that you could slip extra exercise into your work routine I’m sure you would be interested!

Well here are a few tips you can use in order to burn more fat at work:

1. Leave your car at home! – If you live close enough to work, try walking to work or even cycling.  In fact, walking is one of the easiest and healthiest ways of burning fat.

2. Stand more – because standing burns off more fat than sitting, try looking for opportunities to stand rather than sitting.

You can do this by switching your ‘sitting desk’ to a ‘standing desk’, standing while eating your lunch and also walking to other departments in your company instead of messaging or calling them.

3. Have a fitness break! – Instead of hanging out in the lounge with coffee and snacks at the tea/coffee break time, go for a stroll outside or do some stretching.

This also improves your diet by cutting out  all the sugar that is usually associated with this break time.

4. Use a fitness ball instead of a chair – this might seem odd but is a great way to burn fat, if you can balance, that is.  Also you will be building your core muscles which in turn will help in the fat burning process.

8 Creative Ways to Burn More Fat at Work

5. Keep hand weights at your desk – Do a couple of arm curls in between meetings. You can even mix it up by keeping other exercise equipment such as stretchy cords that provide resistance when you pull on them.

6. Create a lunchtime walking group – this is great exercise for your lunch break. Get a few work colleagues together and go for a walk!

And on the plus side if you are a very social person you will love this part of your work day while burning fat!

7. Do a couple of ‘walking meetings’ – Instead of meeting or brainstorming at a desk, if it is practical get up and do it on the go. 

Besides if it is new ideas you are looking for, then the extra blood flow will definitely help the creativity juices.

8. Get there faster – if you are lucky enough to have a job that involves a lot of walking, then pick up the pace and you will burn more calories.

8 Creative Ways to Burn More Fat at Work

Well there you go, as long as you aren’t wasting any time at work, these tips will definitely put you on your weight loss journey.

You probably aren’t going to replace all your ‘after hour exercise’ with these tips, but they will definitely make up what you are missing on the odd occasions and can get you past those few extra stubborn pounds.

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6 thoughts on “Weight Loss at Work”

  1. I am always looking to help my family and myself stay in a more healthy mindset and routine. I am sure some of these tips will help as I am always looking to add a little bit of exercise throughout the day as well. 

    Do you usually do these things every day or do you have your own routine?

    1. Actually I am retired from the workforce, as I will be 83 in another couple of weeks, but I do work out in a local gym three times a week, and also enjoy going for walks when I get a chance.  In addition to my physical exercises, I also get a lot of mental exercise writing these articles for my website.

      Thanks for taking part here Ian.


  2. I like many of your ideas. With my profession, it is a little hard to do some of these exercises. That being said, we do have a huge parking lot where you can walk laps in between breaks. My recommendation for walking laps, especially in the summer is to have two shirts and bring a stick of deodorant! We have a couple people that walk laps, however some of our chairs (we share chairs) get a little wet and body odor is a little high.  This tends to upset some of the co-workers.

    Also, we have stairs. I would add walking stairs on your break as an option to get some exercise and get your heart rate up. 

    Thanks for your input and ideas. For someone like myself that doesn’t really have time for exercise, this really helps. 

  3. Hello, Rolland.  I liked this article because your suggestion about walking or cycling to work reminded me of the last job I had before I retired.  Well, actually the one before that.

    I lived far enough away from work that I could cycle to and from the job.  At first, it was about 15 K to work and the same back home. It really helped me lose some weight and kept me energized when I was at work.  The owners eventually moved the business closer to where I lived but I was still able to get in about 10+K every day.

    I am retired now and I don’t ride my bike anymore but I do go out for long walks (10 – 14 K) every couple of days and I will be starting to do resistance training in the near future.  

    These days, when I’m sitting at the computer for long periods of time, I find that staying active, even at 70, helps to keep me energized and much more capable of doing the things that need to be done whether at home or ?? and, I definitely helps to keep the weight off and under control.

    Many who have been sedentary for some time don’t think they are capable of getting the exercise they need.  I would like to encourage them to just get started.  Start with small steps with little increases every so often.  It works and before you know it you will start to feel better and look better and able to do things that you never thought you would be able to do again.

    Exercise gives you life,


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