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137_3708DWhoever said that we are too old to learn? In 1989 at the ripe old age of 53 I bought my first computer which had only two floppy disks for data, and no hard drive. When I plugged it in I was surprised to observe that it made a whirling sound! I had thought computers would be perfectly silent! lol.

Since then I have grown along with my increasingly upgraded computers and although never having taken a course, and having instead to learn everything by trial and error, I continue to be totally fascinated by the wonders of what can be done in this present day with computers, both on and off the Internet.

As demanding as it is, I am determined, with some on line video instructions, a lot of written instructions, and a lot of hard work, to master the art of website building, blog posting, help to all I can, and Internet marketing.

I grew up in a small rural farm area of Alberta, Canada, received my elementary education in a rural country school, high school via correspondence courses, followed by a college degree.

The greatest education, however, has been a lifetime of selling which has exposed me to countless hundreds of wonderful new personal contacts, and taught me so much about human nature. Also it has given me a passion to help others, as I have the belief that we are all on this earth for a reason, and that it is our obligation and privilege to have a positive effect on others where possible.

To that end I dedicate this, my first website.

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