The Importance of Team Sports

In this article we will be investigating the importance of team sports, particularly how it relates to children and young people.

Why Team Sports Are So Important

Sports go beyond providing you with a means of developing your body.  It is different from exercising, because you derive a sense of satisfaction from what you are doing.

Team sports come with many benefits that can be explored.

Parents should consider allowing their kids to partake in team sports rather than opt for personal glory with individual sports. Why?  Because kids can benefit from this as they mature and continue to play the game, or even just to contend with the demands of life.

There will always be leaders and followers in team sports. There cannot be too many leaders and not enough followers.

Some people are just born to bark out instructions and coordinate team play on the field, court, pitch and everything in between.

There is nothing bad about being a follower. It is not mandatory for everyone to jostle for leadership positions.Why Team Sports Are So Important

It is a leader who holds the team together and stops it from falling apart if it is taking a whopping from the opposition or because there is a clash of ego personalities.

It is crucial that each player know his or her position within the hierarchy of team play and not interfere with the overall interest of the team.

Some people are not born to be leaders.  However, some are.

It is important to know that there would not be any leaders on a team without followers. The leaders might be the stars on the team, but they cannot do everything alone. They need to be supported and assisted before they can benefit from play or push forward.

A star player should never think that other players on the team do not matter.

The importance of team sports cannot be overemphasized for young athletes.

Why Team Sports Are So Important This is the period where they learn responsibility and the importance of maintaining standards.  It is also a period for them to boost their confidence and work on a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, the friendships that are developed during team sports can last a lifetime and can even go on for generations between member families.

Team sports promote a sense of honor and truthfulness.

They teach you how to play a high-tension game with nerves made out of iron. They allow you to develop a strong mentality because you are surrounded by other people who believe in your abilities and a coach who knows that you are capable of delivering on the field of play.

Teams sports is all about enjoying what you are doing and entertaining the people that come out to watch you play.

It cannot be overemphasized the value of the exercise obtained through team sports and why it is so important for children and young people in particular to partake in it if at all possible.

Last but by no means least, it is a guard against the curse of childhood obesity.

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6 thoughts on “The Importance of Team Sports”

  1. I think great followers usually make great leaders and most times, before becoming a leader, one has to be a follower first. Best leaders usually give a servant like service to the team, meaning that they’re not full with ego or pride as the leader because every player is important to the team and yes, team sport is very beneficial.


    1. I appreciate your observations.  I was blessed with four sons who all played team sports from an early age, and I do believe that it had a positive influence on all of them.


  2. Personally, I would never have attended a sports activity out of my own choice. I am not a sporty person and when the school ‘forced’ us to participate, I had to. I must say I learnt a lot about team work, and it is what I am trying to instill with the younger kids. I can already tell that they are learning and accepting responsibilities, and they always think and talk about other team members. I realize that they are also more open open to other people and their general physical health is OK. This is a great article that every parent or guardian should pick insights from.

    1. Welcome back Carol, and thanks for your fine comments.  Yes, I too hope that there are other parents or guardians who can find this article beneficial and encouraging.  Feel free to send a link for this site to others if you like.


  3. Team sports are definitely great for children. I believe that any type of team activity teaches kids about leadership, team work dedication and so much more. It was nice to read this post because I feel like society has been moving away from team activities in schools. It would be great if you could start a petition on your site to add funding to more group activities in the school system.

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