The Best Way to Start an Exercise Program

Has this ever happened to you?  You make promises, preparations and determination to start that exercise program. You have been thinking about it.  You are ready.  But a question remains — “What is the best way to start an  exercise program?”

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program and Staying With ItEven though you have been putting it off for a long time, you finally said “tomorrow is the day that I am going to start”.   And you are well prepared with good intentions. 

But something happened between the night before and the morning after… You got cold feet!

Why?  Because you don’t feel like exercising this morning. Your feelings, in spite of all the preparation and determination, got the best of you. You gave in to your feelings!

If this has happened to you, you are not alone.  So many other people have been in the same situation. The good news is that they overcame it, and so can you.

In this article, you are going to learn how others in the same situation have overcome reluctance to exercising. Ideally, this will give you hope that you can do exercising regularly. 

Here are some tips:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to make a re-determination of starting an exercise program.

This means you need to make a fresh decision to “restart your engine” again. You should not give in to your failure to follow up with any prior determination.

2.  The second thing that would be beneficial is to know why you are doing what you are doing.

You want to exercise because you want to improve your health and vitality. You want to exercise because you will feel good doing what you are doing.

You know staying fit is critical to your health and wellness. Also, you know that your health is your wealth.

3.  Next is to write out your why’s.

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program and Staying With It

Sometimes we are not motivated to do something because our why’s are not strong enough. Thinking about our why’s will not cut it.

Writing brings things to light. You put it on the paper and the light becomes brighter and brighter.

You discover that you really want to exercise because, maybe, you want to feel good, or impress your ‘significant’ other.

The most important thing is to make your why stronger than your reluctance to exercising.

4.    Next you should  make a decision as to how you are going to be carrying out your exercise program.

Are you going to be jogging, walking, running or whatever? Are you going to join a gym or develop a gym at home?

Are you going to go it alone, or have someone else join you?

The most important thing is to start.  Start somewhere!

5.  The next thing you should be deciding is the frequency of exercising.

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program and Staying With It

Do you want to exercise 3 days a week, 2 days a week? Then you want to determine for how long.

6.  Start small at the beginning or you may well end up   doing nothing.

Even if you start with a 5 minute program, that is still a good place.

You should congratulate yourself for finishing your first 5 minutes of exercising.  Remember,that is more than zero minutes that you have been doing before.

Rome was not build in a day and you are not going to start any exercising program by running (for example) one hour your first day.

Again, the tip here is to start small or you are going to fail. In most cases, you don’t know how much you can do until you actually start something.

That’s why starting somewhere, regardless of how small is very important.

The hope is that by following these tips, you will be on your way to developing an exercise program you can continue with.

Any comments, or questions?


6 thoughts on “The Best Way to Start an Exercise Program”

  1. I find the tips very helpful. Too many times I’ve put off exercising because I just couldn’t find the motivation to do it. There were also many times where I had a good start and have great workouts for a couple week but there were no follow through. I think starting small at the beginning is important because I realize the days where I felt demotivated were when I’ve set high expectations for myself. And that’s just setting myself up for failure. It’s more important to celebrate the small wins and achievements. 

    1. You are dead right Joe that one of the keys to maintaining and effective exercise program is to stay focused on even your small achievements, and see how they are leading you step by step towards the larger goals that you have written down.  You might also find it helpful to recruit an exercise “partner” so that you can encourage each other.


  2. Hi Roland. I’m that guy you’re talking about that says he wants to start an exercise program but then gets cold feet at the last moment. I will always find an excuse to either not start or never begin. I need to exercise more because I have been diagnosed with both Osteoathritis and Ostoeporosis. Thank you for your informative blog on this subject. I will definitely purchase a note pad and start planning my exercise program. Thank you. Jim

    1. Thanks for your honest sharing Jim,  and I wish you only the best of success in your application of the tips.


  3. hi,

    like the short but concise post, and can certainly see where I have gone wrong each time I start and exercise program.

    I didn’t have the determination to keep going!! after reading the post will follow your tips and hopefully they help me to stay on track..

    Thank you for your words of wisdom


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