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Of the many types of arthritis, about 120 of them altogether,  osteoarthritis is the one most people are suffering from.

Anti Arthritis Solution: Ease The Pain And Ward Off Those Creaky Joints

Anyone with arthritis can endure endless pain, stiffness in the joints and struggle to move. This is the one that causes the “wear and tear” damage in the joints.

Osteoarthritis is a deterioration of the joints whereby the cartilage has worn away so bone rubs on bone.

There are many people paying big amounts of money for surgery and joint replacement which doesn’t always fix the problem.

Lifestyle changes and arthritis diets have become more successful over the years, therefore a better and safer option than replacements.

Arthritis does tend to occur more as we get older.

There are ways we can stop joint pain and its associated symptoms.

To avoid painful and expensive surgeries which cannot be reversed, therefore, the better option is to try everything that is available first.

Rheumatoid versus osteoarthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is the second most common form of arthritis. This type of arthritis is more common in younger people than osteoarthritis,

In some cases teenagers and even younger ones can get it.

The symptoms of both are similar such as pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of mobility. The treatment for both forms of arthritis is the same.

Anti Arthritis Solution: Ease The Pain And Ward Off Those Creaky Joints

The first thing required is the right diet where the body can select the right minerals to lubricate the joints.

The body will draw nutrient rich fluid from the diet to repair and keep the joints healthy and pain-free.

Research and tests have shown that over time cartilage cells can repair themselves and restore vital tissues around them.

Although, exercise is just as important as the diet itself movements of the joints and staying as active as possible is part of that healing process.

All of this is not an overnight solution; this will take time, lots of time.

Therefore many people give up and go back to drug medicine and pain killers with horrible side effects and worsening conditions.

To have some relief from pain use an infrared light, also keep the joints warm as much as possible. This is often the case for people to feel less pain by moving to a warm climate.

Weight is an issue

Anti Arthritis Solution: Ease The Pain And Ward Off Those Creaky Joints

Weight has also an influence on joints; just a few kilos you carry above the normal recommended body weight adds extra stress to the already weak joints.

That will obviously speed up their wear and tear and increase the risk of developing the condition even more.

Losing some weight can make a big difference to ease that extra pressure to the joints.


This is an insidious disease that can affect other organs in your body and gradually increase change and decay.

Therefore, an inflammatory condition in your body can bring on arthritis and joint pain.

The types of food you eat can worsen or improve that condition.

There are other signs brought on by inflammation such as mood issues, aches and pain, memory impairment, brain fog, etc.

Anti Arthritis Solution: Ease The Pain And Ward Off Those Creaky Joints

Any symptoms as such should not be ignored.

Choose the right diet and oils

The right type of food and supplementation is crucial to treat arthritis, such as multi-vitamins that contain vitamin C, E, zinc, B 6, copper and boron are important to have in your diet.

It has been found that some nutrients, minerals and vitamins have been deficient in diets and therefore worsens that condition when suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Anti Arthritis Solution: Ease The Pain And Ward Off Those Creaky Joints

With a little bit of effort you can find a big improvement making your own homemade bone broth.

It’s good for arthritis as it has a number of important nutrients, such as minerals, silicon, glucosamine and sulphate which will help to rebuild bones and cartilage.

Also add to your diet a mixture of nuts or any other product that is rich in omega 3 oils.

You can get hardly enough of omega 3 when treating arthritis which is the best anti inflammatory agent.

Select a variety of fish in your diet as well as krill oil which is more potent than fish oil.

For cooking, frying etc. use macadamia or coconut oil which have a tremendously high smoke point. 

Macadamia oil has one of the healthful fats you can eat, monounsaturated fatty acids.

Cold pressed olive oil is best for salads and toppings, as well take at least one tablespoon every day.

Here are some of the unhealthiest oils to stay away from:

Any vegetable oils may sound healthful but they are not, such as soybean, canola, safflower and cotton seed oils.

 It is worth  remembering.  The most important step to a healthy painless life is the change to a healthful diet!

Feel free to add your comments or observations.