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Hello World


From what I observe a goodly percentage of seniors like myself in their 50’s to 80’s and older are plagued with the problem of trying to stay in good health.  We are called upon to combat the common ailments of overweight and obesity, along with all the accompanying medical challenges.

Even children today are fighting poor health and childhood obesity! Teenagers and young adults concern themselves with being overweight, and doing their best to have good muscle tone, an athletic body, and well developed abs.  Whether we realize it or not, we all fight toxicity and premature aging.

Also there are all the mental, physiological, psychological and even spiritual issues that go along with poor health.

Even though I have myself been very blessed with excellent health for my 80+  years, still the overweight matter is a constant challenge.

There is GOOD NEWS, however! In this day of modern research and technology, there are many solutions to help us live a life of health and wellness.  It is my intention in launching this website to perhaps start very small, but in time to grow it with advice, articles and products that hopefully will be found helpful to many.

No matter what our age, or where we live, we are all looking to live out our lives in as good a health as possible.

If this website can be a sounding board for those who have discovered worthwhile and effective ways of improving your health, you will be most welcome to contribute.  Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below, or in my email address which is found in the Menu above.