Smart Ways That Technology Has Improved Dental Care

General dentistry services are instrumental in promoting oral health.  In this blog we will look at some of the smart ways that technology has improved dental care.

Smart Ways That Technology Has Revolutionized Provision of General Dentistry Services

The facilities that offer these services are keen on ensuring that they provide high-quality services to their customers. They do this by investing in advanced equipment and technologies.

Instant Results

Patients suffering from missing, damaged, or broken teeth used to have to make countless trips to the dentist and suffer through numerous painful injections. The recovery period after treatment was long and unpleasant.

With new technologies, such as crown printing and 3D imaging, dentists are now able to perform same-day procedures.

Some of the facilities have invested in computer-aided design and computer aided manufacturing technology (CAD-CAM) that captures and reproduces a 3D image of the damaged tooth and prints a perfect match in minutes.

Smart Ways That Technology Has Revolutionized Provision of General Dentistry Services

Messy impressions and temporary crowns are being phased out as a result of this technology.

Interactive Treatment Options

Using an advanced intra-oral camera, patients are able to see everything that the doctor is doing during the procedure. This small device also enables dentists to examine teeth in detail to recommend the most appropriate treatment.

In addition, the camera pinpoints the specific areas one should focus on when brushing, thereby promoting overall oral hygiene.

No More Pain

Many people fear going for checkups due to anticipated pain. Laser procedures have changed that fear by allowing personnel to conduct procedures, such as tooth extraction, painlessly.

For example, the CO2 dental laser equipment allows experts in this field to work on soft and hard tissues without exposing the patients to excruciating pain.

Safer and Faster Diagnoses

X-rays are used to diagnose various oral health conditions, especially conditions that affect the gums. Unfortunately, research studies have proven that traditional x-rays expose individuals to high levels of radiation, which can lead to other complications.

Smart Ways That Technology Has Revolutionized Provision of General Dentistry Services

On the flip side, modern digital x-rays machines have made the diagnostic process easier and safer. These images are transferred to a computer system for analyses in minutes, thereby enabling the expert to offer comprehensive treatment.

Concisely, digital x-rays provide more comfort and reduce a patient’s exposure to radiation by up to 90 percent.

Increase Profits and Reduce Overhead Costs

By investing in a modern practice management system, health care facilities save money and time, which was previously used to call patients to remind them of their upcoming appointments.

New programs also allow an office to capture and update a patient’s information and records automatically.

New management systems streamline these processes, thereby reducing overhead costs and increasing profits.

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6 thoughts on “Smart Ways That Technology Has Improved Dental Care”

  1. This is technology at its finest. Even with a tooth ache I really hate going to the dentist because of the pain I feel when I am being administered treatment. Some of the technology mentioned in this post has not yet gotten to my country or maybe they are there and I just don’t know it. 

    The fact is that these equipment are really amazing and would make the job of dentists easier and better.

    1. I don’t know what country you are in Jay, but even here in Canada I had to go looking to find the dentist I have now, who has most of these modern machines.  The hunt was well worth it, and you might want to do a little investigating yourself.  

      Believe me, if you can find a dentist like that you will not be sorry.

      Thank you so much for contributing.


  2. Thankfully, I’ve found an amazing dentist who seems to really care about the well being of my teeth. Plus, he doesn’t hurt me at all which is amazing to me since I’ve spent years going through pain with my teeth when I was wearing braces back in the day.

    A few months ago I bought from him an electric toothbrush which has really made a huge difference in the hygiene of my mouth.

    Who knows what else they’ll think of right?

    1. I am so happy that you were able to find a dentist like you did.  It is well worth the effort to take the time investigating to find such a dentist.

      And yes, my dentist also continually extols the the merits of an electric toothbrush, the main reason I have one also.

      Thanks for your great contribution to this subject.


  3. Hi

    It is good to see that Dentist are keeping up with the times, as diagnostics become smarter, then dentists will be able to save teeth that once was impossible to save. Multiple dentist visits sounds like hell to most people and if it can be done in one visit, sounds like a blessing.

    I found this article to be enlightening and hopeful that dentist is progressing in the right direction. if only they can do something about the drilling noise.



    1. Thanks so much for your insightful comments Antonio.  As you say, dentists today are able to work miracles at saving teeth.  I know because I am blessed to have one like that.  I even call her my miracle worker !  Without her genius I expect I would have lost half of my teeth by now !  And she does also manufacture crowns on the spot.

      Even though modern dentists tend to have high speed drills which still make some noise, they are a far cry from the slow ones of the past which hurt much more and took much longer to do their job.


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