How Does Toxicity In Our Bodies Relate To Weight Loss?

You want to lose weight and keep it off, don’t you? You don’t want to be going up and down with your weight forever, constantly struggling to maintain any weight loss success you see.


No-one is going to go out and say that they want to lose weight only in the short term.  They’re not going to say that they want to lose weight for a while and then pile it all back on again.  Nope, anyone who has a problem with their weight wants a permanent solution. The problem is, most people have no idea what that solution is.

The majority of people think they’re got it figured out.  They think weight loss purely comes down to nutrition and that they’re going to happen upon the perfect weight loss plan that they can stick with forever.  Unlikely.  And you know what, even if you did find the ideal weight loss plan that you stuck with for good, this might not even be enough.

No chance.

It’s simply not going to happen.  The stats here are pretty unfortunate – only about 1 in 200 people lose weight and maintain that for good from dieting alone.  Thats not great odds!


Now, you probably don’t realize this but detoxing isn’t just something to help you achieve better or even optimal health.  In fact, its essential for long term weight loss.  Let me tell you why this is the case.

Toxins are all around us.  They’re in chemicals in our food, they’re in our beauty products, they’re in the air, they’re everywhere.  These toxins, when ingested by the body, are stored in our fat cells. Naturally, a toxic build up is bad for our body so it needs to protect itself from this toxicity.  And do you know what protects our organs and nervous system?  Fat.


We all need fat around our body to act as protection.  As we become more toxic, however, we need this protection more than ever.   As you diet, your fat cells shrink, and this in turn makes us even more toxic.


Well, because, as mentioned, toxins are stored inside our fat cells and as these get smaller and shrink, we end up becoming more toxic as this toxicity is not being dealt with.

Not ideal!

The way that the body responds to this higher concentration of toxicity is to actually go into fat production mode to help protect the organs and nervous system.  So you end up putting on the fat you have just lost as a defence mechanism against the toxins in your fat cells.

This is one of the main reasons why you may well have suffered from rebound weight gain before.  Unless you reduce the toxicity in your fat cells, you’re not going to be able to lose that fat and keep it off.

So, detoxing becomes a vital part of any long term weight loss plan and it should certainly be high on your agenda if you are struggling in a cycle of yo-yo dieting and rebound weight gain.

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From what I observe a goodly percentage of seniors like myself in their 50’s to 80’s and older are plagued with the problem of trying to stay in good health.  We are called upon to combat the common ailments of overweight and obesity, along with all the accompanying medical challenges.

Even children today are fighting poor health and childhood obesity! Teenagers and young adults concern themselves with being overweight, and doing their best to have good muscle tone, an athletic body, and well developed abs.  Whether we realize it or not, we all fight toxicity and premature aging.

Also there are all the mental, physiological, psychological and even spiritual issues that go along with poor health.

Even though I have myself been very blessed with excellent health for my 80+  years, still the overweight matter is a constant challenge.

There is GOOD NEWS, however! In this day of modern research and technology, there are many solutions to help us live a life of health and wellness.  It is my intention in launching this website to perhaps start very small, but in time to grow it with advice, articles and products that hopefully will be found helpful to many.

No matter what our age, or where we live, we are all looking to live out our lives in as good a health as possible.

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