Natural Ways To Relieve Pain

We need to know natural ways to relieve pain, because pain causes so much discomfort in the body, and it may cause one to lose normal function of the body part for some time.

Know The Natural Ways That Can Help Relieve Body Pain

Whether you have a headache, earache, or whatever kind of pain, the first thing most people do is reach out for that painkiller. While this may be useful in relieving pain, taking too many painkillers may cause one to have a dependency syndrome where he or she cannot do without the painkillers.

That is why it is good to have natural ways, such as the use of best organic supplements to relieve pain.

There are various natural ways that you can use to relieve, manage or cope with pain and these include:

1. Soaking in warm water

This will help alleviate any form of muscle spasms and muscle pain, especially in arthritis. Warm water makes the joints loose and makes one feel at ease as it reduces the gravity force that compresses the joints and it offers a 360 degree support for sore limbs. Soak for about 20 minutes so that there is a prolonged effect after you are done.

One may add essential oils which are the best organic supplements as they will help relax the muscles, hence making stretching exercises more tolerable and beneficial.

2. Heat therapy

When you apply some form of heat, it will ease the pain. You can use a hot water bottle, or a heating pad or a hot bath. The heat increases the flow of nutrients and healing oxygen to the area that has pain, and it suppresses the pain which helps in repairing the damaged tissues.

The sensory receptors in the skin are stimulated by heat, which decreases the pain transmission to the brain and relieves discomfort.

3. MassageKnow The Natural Ways That Can Help Relieve Body Pain

Massage make the body feel great and reduces pain on the back, osteoarthritis, neck pain, and surgery related pain.

Massage therapy boosts endorphin and serotonin levels which are natural body pain killers and also reduces the stress levels. Massage also relieves discomfort after one has done intense exercises which make the muscles sore.

4. Taking herbal supplements

The best organic supplements have anti-inflammatory properties in them so they can treat the inflammation and reduce pain.

Other herbs play a critical role in ensuring that the muscles relax, there is good blood and oxygen flow to the joints and muscles hence reducing pain. These herbs can be in the form of capsules or liquids, or they can be brewed in tea.

5. Acupuncture

Know The Natural Ways That Can Help Relieve Body Pain

This is an ancient pain relieving method that was used by the Chinese and it involves inserting tiny needles into specific points in the body. The needles, then cause an incomplete imbalance of energy and also affect the adenosine activity in the body, hence it eases the pain after an injury.

Acupuncture also improves the nervous and musculoskeletal system functions which often cause pain.

6. Yoga and meditation

Yoga has been found to relieve pain and also reduce stress levels. It enhances the stress coping mechanisms hence lessen the amount of stress, which may intensify the pain.

Yoga is used in most places to treat lower back pain. Meditation involves relaxing and having simple breathing exercises.

7. Exercises

Pain can be caused by stiff muscles or tension in the muscles. When you exercise, you strengthen and stretch the affected muscles, hence reducing the inflammation and pain.

Know The Natural Ways That Can Help Relieve Body Pain

Exercises also make muscles and joints much stronger hence one has fewer chances of getting injuries.

When you are obese or overweight, you are causing too much pressure on the joints which in turn become painful. Exercising helps one reduce the weight and then it reduces the chances of degeneration of bone diseases such as osteoporosis which is painful.

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6 thoughts on “Natural Ways To Relieve Pain”

  1. Hi! Oh, this has been a blessing to find your post. I have particularly been neglecting exercising. But you’re right. And thanks for mentioning it. Stiff muscles or tension in the muscles do cause us a lot of pain. And I have come back to your site just to tell you I have been feeling better right after my first exercising session.

    1. Great news Henry.

       I am so glad that you are feeling better now.

      Thank you for your comments.


  2. Reaching for the painkiller may be convenient, but man, it’s the last thing any of us want to do. I know people who’ve done this and they’re always looking for the next level up to relieve their acute or chronic pain when the painkiller either wears off or gets so ineffective that something else needs to be done. It’s not healthy, and it only makes sense to go natural. Exercise is probably my favorite way to relieve pain, but heat therapy and massage are both up there as well. Stretching is another good technique, but that can fall in with exercise. 

    1. Thank you for your great comments Todd.  We certainly do agree on staying away from pain killer medication when at all possible.  Personally,  Even at 82, I shy from taking even Aspirin, let alone stronger pain killers.  Better to try to deal with the cause of the pain anyway, if possible.


  3. This is extremely useful information. Although I do not take a lot of pills and I avoid them in general, I do sometimes take aspirin for headaches, but that’s about it. I like the options you offer to release pain. Can I use heat therapy for back pain as well? And what about pain in the knees? I don’t suffer from much pain, but my left knee was a little painful a week ago, but that’s over now (and no pills were used) 🙂 If there is a next time, perhaps I could wrap a warm, soaked towel around it. Would that help?

    Acupuncture works miracles. I once had an accident and lost all feeling in my left calf – my nerve endings were dead, whenever I touched my skin on my calf, I felt nothing … it was like touching someone else’s leg. This lasted for 12 years, until I found an acupuncturist and I told her about it. She healed my leg with acupuncture and she brought my nerves back to life. I have feeling in my left calf now, and when I touch the skin there I can feel it now. So, I am definitely a big fan of acupuncture. It did to my leg what doctors could not do.

    1. Wow Christine, thank you for sharing all these facts about your experiences.  Others can learn from them.

      You asked about using heat therapy on your back and knees, certainly it seem to work differently on different people, but most certainly it cannot hurt to try (unlike not being able to reverse the possible side effects of taking a pain pill).

      As a matter of fact, my wife has fairly often used acupuncture to deal with various problems and is actually undergoing a series of acupuncture treatments at the moment to deal with pain from an injury to her shoulder which she suffered last winter when she slipped and fell on the ice.  It seems like it can be an answer to a lot of long term health problems.

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