Natural Ways To Battle Depression

Many people in this world suffer from depression, and many of those rely on medications to help them cope.  But the good news is that there are also natural ways to battle depression.

4 Things to Know If You Are Battling Depression

Depression can be the shackles of pain that prevents the rays of hope from reaching the affected person. It can dominate the mind with such suppressible thoughts that they would threaten to blow up the very existence of the sufferer.

In fact, depression just bends anyone under its increasing pressure of distress and anguish.  But it can be overcome with proper therapies and treatments.

Millions of people across the world are fighting depression.  However, at times, they tend to overlook or are ignorant about certain facts that hold true for this mental condition.

People should understand depression in depth to cope with the instabilities of the mind.

Given below is a list of key truths, adapted from the Huffington Post website, which a person struggling with depression should know:

1. Not everything you think might be real:

More than the situations4 Things to Know If You Are Battling Depression, it is our thoughts that make us depressed.

For example, if a woman is struggling with weight gain, she would tend to see only lean and thin women and would forget the fact that many women are out there battling weight gain.

The mind tends to come up with certain thoughts that would make the person believe that everyone else other than him or her is happy in the world.

Depression makes a person believe what one thinks. Everything that is backed by rationality vanishes into thin air and irrationality becomes the norm.

So, it is important for a person to debunk such thoughts and try to think only about pleasant things.

2. Deflate negativity, upgrade for the better:

Generally, a depressed person has thoughts like: “Things are never going to get better”; “I can never come out of this”; “My life is ruined”, and so on. But such thoughts will do no good and only aggravate the problem.

With a little support and willpower, a person can transform such negativity into some positive outlook toward life like: “Things can be better”; “I can overcome my situation”; “I am worthy enough to succeed”.

3. Do the opposite of what “the voice” suggests:

During a depressive episode, the inner voice will give life advices, which should not be followed.  For example, if it suggests to stay at home during a weekend and sulk for all the mishaps of life, one should do just the opposite.   Visit a friend’s home, go out for shopping, watch a movie with a loved one, etc.

Learning to behave in contrast to the voice will help one kill negative thoughts and move out of the painful grip.

4. No one is fighting depression alone:

When depression sets in, one tends to believe that he or she is the worst sufferer.  But that is not the case.

There are people who have felt depressed and have gone through the worst of phases, while there are some who have never had depression in their lives.

One has to realize that the world is a home to all kinds of people, some battle mental issues and some don’t.

4 Things to Know If You Are Battling Depression

The way to a depression-free life

Depression is treatable with the right kind of strategies.

However, seeking professional treatment with a specialized depression treatment plan may sometimes be  the best way to conquer this mental illness.

In addition to the strategies listed above, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), for example, has at times proven to be an effective treatment for depression.

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10 thoughts on “Natural Ways To Battle Depression”

  1. Wow, this is very good. Depression is a big issue in our world today and so many people are dealing with it now. The funny thing is that it isn’t something that people wear on their faces. They tend to cover the pain with a smile. Yes, people take medications for depression and I’m happy that you can come up with natural remedies. It’s true that positivity is a great depression suppressor. I ægree to all this tips and I’m going to share this post. One doesn’t know who it’ll be helpful too as even a friend can be depressed without one knowing. Great write-up.

    1. Thank you both for you great comments and also for sharing this post. Like you say it is often hard to detect someone who is depressed, but we never know, do we, who we may be helping when we draw attention to some of the ways they can be helped ?


  2. Depression is rampant these days and the rate at which it spreads is alarming. One thing that makes this very dangerous is the fact that it is unidentifiable by others except the depressed fellow.This article has tackled the major reasons why people get depressed. I think everything has to do with the mentality and the mind of the depressed individual and if the mindset can be altered, then everything esleywould be easier to tackle. But the most important is to seek help from a professional when depressed.

    1. Thank you for some great points Ramos.  I certainly agree that one of the most insidious aspects of depression is how hard it often is to detect in others.  The real tragedy is if the  person ends up  committing suicide, without ever being known to be depressed.


  3. Depression is really ine cry serious issue in our modern day society especially amongst youth. So many of them don’t know how to battles depression and it goes a long way affecting lives and denting relationship. I am really excited you took your time to put up this really important post. I’ll inform others around these natural ways you have given. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Dane.  If you enjoyed this post and will share with others who can benefit from it also, that makes any time I spent in preparing it more then worth it.


  4. Thank you for this very insightful look at Depression.

    I sure the suggestions on your post will help a lot of people that suffer from Depression get a step closer to beating this disease.

    I especially liked your tip about NOT following your inner voice.

    Totally made sense to me and is a good example of putting much needed ‘Positives’ back into the person’s life.

    1. I could not agree more Jeff.  Even for those of us who may not suffer from depression even just the challenges of life dictate the value of being positive as we go about overcoming them.  Thanks for your comments.


  5. Very helpful article on natural ways to battle depression,you have said it quite well, I think someone going through depression should avoid staying alone because many  have committed suicide being staying alone,life might bring negative things but we must conquer it with optimistic mind and positive attitude,every point you explained is awesome,doing the negative of what the mind says during depression,this is very helpful post,thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your great comments and observations.  Yes, probably most of us know at least of someone who committed suicide because they were depressed and alone.  Very tragic !


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