My Weight Loss Story


This is what my weight loss program did for me!  To learn how just click on the picture. 5

It is not every day that a ride on an elevator heralds the beginning of a whole new way of life ~ but that was my experience.

 My wife and I were in the process of moving my aged mother-in-law from a local hospital to a nearby senior’s facility.  I had gone back to the car to bring in some more items and was riding up the elevator with another visitor ~ a senior lady about my age (70).

 Much to my surprise, as we departed the elevator, this lady   whom I had never met before ~ reached out and patted me on my more than ample belly. “Do you know that is the worst place for a man to carry weight?” she asked.

 “I know, I know!” I replied. “I need to do something about it but I don’t know what.”  What an opportunity for this less than timid Isagenix Associate!  “I’ve got something that can help you with that,” she chimed.  Little could she have known that I had just recently tipped the scales at 200 pounds and that a number of media sources had bombarded me with the news that no one, man or woman, should have a waist measurement of more that 35 inches. (Mine was 45 inches)!

 I went to work immediately checking out the company and the people involved in this company with the “wonder products.”  As a career salesman, over many years I have checked out several Network Marketing organizations, but could never find one that seemed to have the right combination of outstanding products, great people, and a superior marketing plan.

 Coming on board with the 30-Day Program, my body told me almost right away that I had found the very thing I needed most ~ a truly fantastic way of giving it a chance to be the healthy unit it was meant to be.

 What a thrill to feel so much more mobile and energetic, (even after seven years)!

 In 60 days ~ I was able to accomplish with Isagenix what I had not been able to do in almost two years of four hours a week at a local gym ~ I lost 20 pounds and 6” off my waist !

………and landed in the Isagenix Weight Loss Hall of Fame !



2 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Story”

  1. I have used a few products of the Isagenix you mentioned in your story. Losing weight is not a goal for me, but good nutrition definitely is. I especially like the Ionix Supreme for it’s adaptogens, antioxidants and nutrients. I will probably be a life-long fan.
    Congratulations on your successful weight loss!

    1. Thanks for your congratulations Rose. I am glad that you found products that are allowing you to achieve your priorities.

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