Medications For Pain Relief Is Not The Solution — What Are The Alternatives?

There is a countless number of people suffering from pain, which has also a negative impact on the quality of life. So the question is what to do about this nagging pain that just never goes away.  What is the medical solution for pain?   Do we turn to medications for pain relief? 

Medication For Pain Is Not The Solution - What Are The Alternatives?

So if you do go to see a doctor, he/she will more than likely subscribe some pain-killing medication, which is not a cure but may only take away the symptom.

Prescription pain pills have a track record of causing serious health complications and even death if taken over a long period of time, especially by older people.

Studies have shown that long-term and strong dosage of products like naproxen, ibuprofen and even aspirin can have side effects including liver and kidney damage, ulcers, increased heart attack risk, to name just some of them.

There is not much available in pain management.  People who suffer severe pain are effectively convinced that their only option is to take a dangerous pain killing medication for as long as it takes.

Not so long ago a painkiller vioxx was being approved as safe by the authorities,  but actually, over time, claimed thousands of lives before being removed from the market.  Or more politely put on a voluntary withdrawal from the market due to safety.

There are many dark sides of pain-killing medications and we will never know the full consequences of them.

One of the most common of the pain related illnesses is inflammation.  Signs include joint pain, lower back pain, swelling, heat etc. 

Arthritis related conditions are also mainly disorders of the muscles and joints that cause pain and stiffness in the arms, neck and shoulders.

For children and teens it is not uncommon to suffer from  heat related illness and pain.  Heat cramps is a heat related illness that results in painful muscles.

Heat exhaustion is often more severe than heat cramps. This can be caused by strong sport activities and over exhaustion.

Marijuana is already legalized in some places. This type of drug is becoming more popular as time goes on.

Medication For Pain Is Not The Solution - What Are The Alternatives?The marijuana plant has chemicals that can help to treat a range of illnesses.  It is already being used to decrease pain, inflammation and many muscle problems.

  It has been used very successfully for the treatment of epileptic seizures, with great relief for so many sufferers.

Medical marijuana overall has shown to have many health benefits.  According to surveys and research, marijuana is less dangerous, and not as addictive, as are many other prescription drugs on the market.

Of course there will always be some who will choose for a variety of reasons not to become in any way involved with marijuana in any form.

To reduce pain with carotenoids you can eat dark green vegetables, such as spinach, kale, mustard greens, or turnip, squash, carrots, sweet potato, just to mention a few.

Using strong antioxidants such as astaxathin is a natural carotenoid which is a potent inflammation and pain fighter.  Increase the intake of astaxathin as in salmon, red trout, red sea bream, lobster, shrimp, crab,etc.  These are just some to choose from.

Medication For Pain Is Not The Solution - What Are The Alternatives?The omega 3 fats found in krill oil are extremely effective at combating joint pain and inflammation.  Omega 3 from krill oil absorbs faster than those found in fish oil and is by far more potent.

Natural pain solutions can really work. There are constant remarkable discoveries about natural ways to lessen or reduce pain.

This goes far beyond what any other prescription pain-killer drug can do.  With natural pain solutions there are no negative side effects, with the exception that they will take longer to produce any effect than pain-killers.

Because there is no immediate improvement people often think that these natural pain solutions are not working and give up.

Yes the natural healing process takes longer, like a cut on a finger or hand, it will take its time to be healed by the body.

Healing time for pain is similar.  It becomes a healing process, unlike pain-killers which only suppress the symptom but do not heal the core problem.

Generally speaking,  people are becoming more aware all the time about the health risks of medications for pain.  But, because pain can sometimes be impossible to tolerate, we tend to seek relief as quick as possible with a pill.

Medication For Pain Is Not The Solution - What Are The Alternatives?

As a short-term solution there may not be much harm done but we know most pain will persist, therefore it is most crucial to change to an alternative solution for a proper long term healing process.

Your comments or experiences regarding this are welcome here.


10 thoughts on “Medications For Pain Relief Is Not The Solution — What Are The Alternatives?”

  1. This is an interesting approach to healing pain, as so many people first look to medications for pain instead of other options. It’s great to know these alternative ways to deal with pain. When pain is chronic it seems to suggest that there is an underlying cause that needs to be addressed… for the short term issues medicine may be able to help (and ice packs can numb about anything), but it’s definitely nice to have alternatives to the western method of prescribing strong medicines for pain.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for such a wonderful, informative article about Pain Relief.You are right.We will not find any person who will say they are not suffering anything, mainly different types of pain in their body part.And when we go yo docto, chances are very high they will prescribe one kind of painkillers.But we don’t realise having too much painkiller will make our body worse than before.I have totally agree with you, instead of taking too much painkiller – we should letp concern to eat healthy food, like what you recommend in this article.I would like to give you thanks again for sharing with us some tips that we could avoid painkiller.

    1. Thanks for your good comments and observations Nazmun.  I wish you all the best in your efforts to control pain.


  3. I totally agree with your article. Yes, there is really a dark side of pain killers. It’s juat sad that it’s easy to prescribe or even buy pain medications without any prescriptions. 

    I always have a back pain because of my prolapse, and I am so tired of taking pain medications so I did the natural way to fight the pain. I am doing yoga, and yes, salmon is on my diet list. I prefer to go natural in dealing with my back pain and so far am feeling better.

    1. Thank you for your good comments Gillian.  I am happy to hear that you have a plan and are having success with it.


  4. Being a nurse I am quite familiar with this topic. I definitely agree with what you are saying about there being many side effects with pain medication and about it being an immediate fix.  Of course natural is safer with fewer side effects.  However, the effects are slower as you point out.  This is a very controversial topic among the medical field.  Sometimes, I feel like patients are undermedicated due to the issues in todays world with substance abuse.  I do agree that longterm it is probably safer to go with the natural options, but it kind of depends on how much the patient can tolerate.

    1. You make some good observations Sandy.  Precisely why I mention the possibility of doing both for those who have low tolerance  for pain, with medication  for the short term and then natural for the long term.


  5. I am ecstatic that you would want to write on this topic. I just told my doctor to suscribe me with Medical Marijuana for pain. I rather use it than get the opioids. I’ve seen the harm those pills can do to you if you’re not careful. I didn’t know the information about the salmon I just cooked me some last night. I’m glad I made the choice. Fyi, I have bookmarked your page to stay connected. I believe you have a lot to offer here. Thanks for sharing!

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