How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

It is a little-known fact that the air inside your house is dirtier than the air outside it.  No matter what you do, how many windows you open or whatever, this will always be the case.  For this reason many are searching for how to reduce indoor air pollution.

The Solution To Indoor Air Pollution

The fact that we have so much indoor pollution is simply because of the amount of hiding places that your house has for dust and other particles, while at the same time having a limited amount of escape routes for the particles.

If you are a pet owner, you are probably sharing your environment with one or more household pets, most likely cats and dogs. 

As a result many pet owners develop allergies to their beloved pets.

Pet allergies are caused by the air particles that are created from pet hair and dander. To eliminate or reduce this problem as well as your allergies or asthma; you need to breathe cleaner air.

Here are some tips to help you cope with allergies or pet dander:

  • Bathe your pet more frequently and also wash your face and hands as well.
  • Try keeping your bedroom as a “pet-free” zone.  If not, change bedding often.
  • Learn to love housework. Vacuum floors, dust and wipe down walls where pets rub.
  • Consider hard surface floors rather than carpeting.

The Solution To Indoor Air Pollution

Pets are not the only cause of indoor air pollutants. The air in your home or business is filled with contaminants from cleaners, chemicals and fumes that are spread in the air.

Allergies or asthma can be aggravated by dust or other particles and if you smoke, the pollutants in the smoke will build up in the air over time, making it very unhealthy.

If you perform an indoor quality air test, you’ll most likely find evidence of bacteria, mold or viruses in the air you breathe.

A solution to indoor pollution can be an air purifier. Air purifiers eliminate dangerous or unhealthy contaminants from the air. When the air you breathe is healthier, you breathe easier.

When you breathe better you’ll sleep better and with cleaner air, your health is likely to improve.

The Solution To Indoor Air Pollution

The air we breathe will also have an impact on our emotions and well-being.  Breathing cleaner air helps you feel better and when you’re feeling better, you may also enjoy life a little bit more.

In most cases, you will find that air purifiers work best if you use them all of the time. This will allow your air purifier to keep up with all of the particles floating around inside your home or office.

If you haven’t purchased an air purifier before, it is about time that you give it some serious thought.

There are many kinds of air purifiers, so do some research to find the best one for you. You may very well find it to be one of the best purchases that you’ll ever make.

My own research for an inexpensive, quality air purifier led me to this one in Amazon.

Feel free please to add your comments, observations or questions here.

8 thoughts on “How To Reduce Indoor Air Pollution”

  1. Hi Roland,

    This is a pretty useful post thanks for sharing. I was wonder would an air purifier be good for properties that get mould during the winter months? The ventilation in the place we rent isn’t too great and we get a lot of condensation when the temperature drops. Our would you recommend a dehumidifier more?

    1. Hi Tom.  It sounds like the scenario you mention is more a job for a dehumidifier if you are actually getting mold, but of course the air purifier would also protect against the deadly effects of mold spores floating around the property.  In short you might be wise to utilize both units.

      Thanks for your question.  I hope this helps.


  2. Wow, you have a lot of great information that is so useful! I didn’t actually know that indoor air is so much dirtier than outdoor air, but once you mention it it makes a lot of sense. We are closed off from everything and the air indoors is easily contaminated and because doors and windows are shut, it has the opportunity to fester.

  3. In home air pollution is exactly the kind of health risk that we can avoid and minimize our exposure to, if we have the knowledge and information available. The combination of the strategies you have listed in this post appears to be the most effective solution for indoor pollution, would certainly make use of this post for a healthier lifestyle. 

    1. Yes, you are exactly right that knowledge is the best defense against most health problems that we face in life.  That is the main reason I chose to develop this website,and not only learn a lot myself in the process, but also to hear, like with yourself, it can be of benefit to others as well.  Thanks for contributing.


  4. Thank you Roland for this great post, very easy to read and comprehend. It is always so in most homes, the air getting in is always lesser than the outside and sometimes this fresh air easily get polluted inside. I will keep my fingers crossed and see if you can come up the the list of best air purifiers around. 

    1. Thank you for contributing your observations Charles. Yes, I did spend some time researching some air purifiers on my favorite site Amazon, but if you care to follow the link I provided in my post you can do some research of your own, as they have many different models in stock.


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