How to Overcome A Depression

We hear a lot about depression these days, but people of all ages continue to struggle with how to overcome a depression.

How to Overcome From Depression

If you had been active in social media you would have noticed that even Deepika Padukone, who is a famous Bollywood star, has gone through depression.

This makes us wonder that if even a celebrity who seems to have everything in life, is battling with depression, what could be a possible reason?

What is depression?

Depression is usually connected with being sad and unhappy.  But, that’s not all. 

Depression is a widespread phenomenon.  it is said that every 1 person out of 10, is prone to be suffering from depression.

Depression is actually a state of being unwell, or having a negative mindset about anything and everything. The main point is that there is no particular cause for being sad.

How to Overcome From Depression

This is what differentiates the state of being unhappy from the state of depression, 

In the former case, you have a cause to be so, such as a death in the family.   Depression on the other hand is not associated with any particular cause.

There is also no age bar for depression.  People of all ages who are suffering from depression experience high levels of anxiety, and negativity, which is a feeling that doesn’t leave them.

What are it’s symptoms?

The most common symptoms include loss of interest, loss of energy, sadness without any reason, being gloomy all day long, not being able to enjoy pleasurable things, not even those which you had liked in times gone by.

Even self harm is an evident symptom of depression.

The peak point of depression is said to be self harming, or suicidal indications.  Unfortunately In extreme cases, this can become a reality.

What leads to depression?

As stated earlier there is no definite cause for depression.

Finding a cause can aid in a better treatment. It can be because of unemployment, family problems or any past trauma.

Some say that disapproval, or not being able to withstand the pressures and expectations of parents, colleagues and/or other people can also be a cause.

Getting help

How to Overcome From Depression

Depression can be serious, as it can harm both the individual and others around him/her. Getting help from a medical practitioner could be one method. Don’t be an expert yourself and start experimenting.  

Doctors may also recommend anti-depressants. This may be in combination with other methods. But mostly it is seen that these medications can have side effects on the patient’s health.

There are also natural ways of overcoming depression which will be addressed more fully in a future blog post.

It is seen that often the patients can be cured or their mental health can be significantly improved through counseling methods.

Another method called “psychotherapy” is also quite useful and is usually done to detect the behavioral traits, like how you behave and react towards others.

Depression is most common among students and working professionals.   In any country where the majority of the population is youth, lack of counselors is a serious problem.

Even though there is a wide spread acknowledgement of counseling needs in most societies many educational institutions have not included training for these in their curriculum.

Having these counseling experts as a part of a panel can often help people to identify depression at an early stage,and cut it off at the roots.

We need to understand that having expectations of our children or friends is reasonable but pressuring and forcing them is not okay.

Also, those who are recovering or have recovered from depression need  immense support.  Be strong pillars for them!

How to Overcome From Depression

Hang out, have fun, do things together, but don’t judge. If they are resistant to do something, don’t force them. Let them take their own time.

It takes time to heal these wounds. Let them be themselves!

We should always remember that life is for us to enjoy, not to be wasted in stressing about things that we can’t excel in.  It’s okay not to be up to someone else’s expectations. You will excel in many other things.

You can’t judge an elephant on the basis of climbing a tree. SEE, how irrelevant that is?

Likewise, don’t let people judge you.  Be yourself and achieve your goals the way you want to. 

ALL these small things can help you to rule out depression.

Let’s do it together people. Bye-Bye depression!!

You are more than welcome to make comments or ask questions below and I will make every effort to reply.

8 thoughts on “How to Overcome A Depression”

  1. Depression is a very scary disease.  I’ve known several people who have hidden the warning signs so well, no one knew they suffered…until it was too late.  Others I have known are open about their thoughts of suicide, etc, and seek help.  It’s true – you need to seek help in order to overcome it.  I like your advice about being strong pillars for depressed people.  It’s a crucial part of the process to keep them alive, and encouragement that they can live a happy life.  Thanks for researching and writing about this topic.  It is one that hits close to home.  

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful observations.  I’m sure that many of us have known several people who have either suffered from depression or even went so far as taking their own life.  Some people also have the misfortune of even having depression run in the family.  My wife is one of those.

      Thanks again for participating.


  2. Depression have been a very serious issue in our modern work to be frank and its very common amongst our youth and that makes it really dangerous. Some time last year I had issues at work and my job was on the line for something I had no knowledge about. When the whole problem was too much I fell into depression because I had nobody to talk or someone to even look after me and ask what was wrong. So I would say loneliness is really bad when one is depressed and it can still be a cause of depression. I love the way youbhave explained how to overcome depression and I must confess I’m glad you took your time to come up with such beneficial post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your great sharing will, I am sure, resonate with many other readers because loneliness is certainly a very big aspect of depression that is not addressed as much as it probably should be.

      Thank you for a very valuable contribution to the blog Dane.   


  3. Hi Roland. What an incredibly interesting Article. Depression seems to be ever on the increase lately. I know because I suffer from it, fortunately I do most of my work outdoors and this seems to help. I was being prescribed antidepressants  by my doctor but I found that, no matter what type he gave me, not only didn’t it help but I had all sorts of after affects, including muscle pains, electrical storms in my head and various other things. Because of the ongoing issues I changed my job from an inside, office one, to an outdoor hard working career. Working in the sun has helped me to control my depression a lot more, however I still suffer it at various times of the day. I’m easily upset and brought to tears, which isn’t a good sight for a big man like myself. I’m really interested in looking for a more natural cure, so  any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . Thanks Jim

    1. Hi Jim.  Thanks so much for your honesty and sincerity.  Sorry to hear of the suffering you have had to endure, but certainly your willingness to share about it is bound to help other readers here.

      As a matter of fact, having seen how important this subject has become to so many, I am thinking that I may try to post a second blog later this week on the same subject,depression,if you are able to check back then.

      Thanks again, and I wish you all the best in your efforts to find help for your situation.


  4. Thanks for the information about depression. My close friend has suffered from depression once, and his behavior was exactly like you’ve listed above. He perceived all things in the world as negative things. It was hard to recover by himself, even when we tried to console him. We suggested him to meet a psychologist. Now, his condition has been better, but he still need to undergo some treatment. Having close friends can make it a bit easier for a depressed person, because they can support them in the lowest stage of their life.

    1. Thank you for your sharing.  Good for you and others for standing by your friend and helping him to improve his situation.  And yes, you are perfectly right in your observation that it is something we all need to do and to continue doing ongoing.  Blessings on you.


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