How to Build a Gym at Home

Today there are many folks with limited incomes who can’t afford gym fees and are looking into how to build a gym at home instead.  Either way there is cost involved, but some of the following suggestions may be helpful.Things to Remember While Establishing a Gym at Home

Don’t buy physical fitness accessories blindly

On fitness, the famed cartoonist and creator of Peanuts comic strip, Charles Schulz had commented: “Our life is a ten-speed bike, and most of the gears we rarely use!”

To a great extent he was right since many in their quest for a healthy body, do buy assorted gadgets, but rarely use them. And reasons are aplenty for such a futile fancy prevailing in our society.

One among them is the lack of awareness because of which a person blindly buys physical fitness accessories with no inkling about its end usage. Further, in many instances, when the gadget doesn’t work as per expectations, there is no proper after sales-service offered by the vendor.

Be extra particular while making the purchases

Hence, while intending to shop for gym accessories, utmost care is the need of the hour to ensure that quality products of a reputed maker are chosen and also the purchases are made from an authorized dealer.

Things to Remember While Establishing a Gym at Home

Over the last couple of years, there has been a gradual rise in the number of home gyms and corresponding fitness accessories.

The resourceful health fads prefer high-end products in design as well as the functions.  By and large, makers of quality gadgets for home gyms do focus on customer satisfaction in their innovative designs.

It would be ideal to spell out the end-uses of a gadget – whether it is for ground exercises, light workouts like stretching, pilates etc., or vigorous sessions of endurance on treadmills and barbells.

Just choose what you exactly need

Among the post-workout needs is the towel warmer that one uses either to dry the perspiring body or after a shower.  If a person visits the neighbourhood gym for the workouts, it would be ideal to choose the one that has a sauna facility.

Things to Remember While Establishing a Gym at Home

At home too, one can indulge in a refreshing bath and then use the towel from a warmer. The towel warmers come in various models, size and functional specifications.

So the preference should be the one that suits the essential needs and the credentials of the gadgets and accessories.

Going online is a great idea to serve your purpose

These days, almost all the reputed dealers are providing their customers with high quality gym accessories at an incredible pricing through their online stores.

When you conduct an independent research about gym accessories sellers on the internet, you will find a huge rundown of choices to make.

When I conducted my own online research (see my previous article on “Home Gym vs  Health Clubs“)  it was my goal to find equipment that was of good quality, supplied by a reliable source, and at a price most people could afford.

Online gym equipment sellers are able to provide cheaper things in the light of the fact that they have lighter liabilities than those who are running physical stores. They need less demanding infrastructure, reduced manpower and various other unnecessary things to run the showroom online.

Please feel free to offer comments or ask questions.

10 thoughts on “How to Build a Gym at Home”

  1. I actually took a decision to set up a home gym since we just moved into the city’s outskirt and to get the nearest gym here takes a long journey right from where my house back to the city hub centre and as such, I’d rather prefer to have everything fitted at home. The tips you gave here ate of really great help and they cone very handy at such a crucial time for me. Thanks so much for this. I will definitely stick to all the tips here as it would help me in setting up my dream home gym.

    1. Hi.  Thanks for you comments and you make some very valid points.  Travel to a gym is a problem for many folks, especially if they do not have convenient transportation, not even to mention the time and cost of getting to a gym.

      As I have indicated to previous commentators, if I can be of any further help to you please email me at the contact info on my website.


  2. Just dropping by to commend your website. Good article and I agree that you must have your own gym at home. I use my home gym for about 6 years now. I just have the basics though. Here’s what I have in my gym.

    Bench press, barbell and plates up to the weight you can manage. I have plates up to 150 lbs. i can only do 110 by the way. I also have dumbells, kettlebells, medicine ball, and yoga mat. That’s it! Anyway thanks so much for sharing this. All the best!

    1. Hi AJ. Thanks for your comments and it sounds like you are well on your way to developing a home gym.

      If you read the other comments here you will find instruction on how you can link to Amazon to check out other equipment or contact me via email if I can be of help.


  3. I’m really glad to have come across this post because I’m actaully in process of making a small gym at my house for me and my son. He loves going to the gym and so do I. So Since then I’ve decided to set up my own at my house, I once got some fitness accessories which didn’t last long at all. And since then I’ve been on the search for better accessories. Any suggestion on where I can get quality ones? 

    1. Hi.  I am happy that you are making the gym a family matter and that you see it as a convenience for that, if you have it in your home as well.  One of the beauties of a home gym is that it allows any member of the family to use it at any time.

      If you care to click on the link that I provided to the commentator just below you here it will take you to dumbells at Amazon (which was his request) but once you are on the sight you can search for any equipment you might be interested in.

      If I can be of any other help please do not hesitate to contact me at my email address provided in the “Contact” tab in the menu bar at the top of my website.


  4. Indonmy gym work out at a fitness center but I am also looking to start my own home gym too. Its quite convenient for me and j choose when I wnst to do the work out.  This are great tips on what tondo to pick the best home gym equipment. I didn’t think online would be a great place to get stuffs cheap. Do you have a link to where I can purchase some dumbbells and small other equipment for a start???

    1. You make some very good observations here and thank you for them. 

      I like dealing with Amazon because they have such a large variety of everything to choose from and can be counted on for good reliable service.  To get a link that you asked for I had to target one set of barbells in particular but when you get on the site you will find many pages of options,complete with ratings and some with reviews.  The link is

  5. Thanks for making me keep in mind that building a home gym doesn’t have to necessarily be expensive, as many out there waste alot of money on exercise equipment they don’t need failing to realize our home gym will evolve over time. But you made me understand starting with the very basics and keeping an eye out for the upgrades you need is more important . When the time and price is right you can make those additions.

    1. I entirely agree with what you have said here and thanks for your comments.  I maintain that if money is an issue that you start with the less expensive and if they don’t even last all that long at least you know by that time whether it is a piece of equipment that you will make good use of before you spend a lot of money oh a replacement.


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