Home Gym Vs Health Club – What Is Your Pick?

Are you in confusion whether to join a Health Club or buy a Home Gym?  Both these options come with their own share of advantages and disadvantages.

A Health Club provides its members with a wide selection of exercise equipment that makes it easier to get a full-body workout using all the latest equipment.  Moreover, you do your exercises without getting bored because you will be working out with other physical fitness enthusiasts.

There are personal trainers at these gyms who can guide you on the right way to use the equipment, which is quite helpful, especially for the newly joined enthusiasts.

However, the cost of memberships at these Health Clubs could be a deterring factor, given the continual rise in membership fees.  Many gyms require its members to get their membership for a minimum of one year, and that can become a financial burden in itself.  For some people, paying the high cost of membership is simply unaffordable.

Another reason for people not joining a Health Club is the fact that is spite of the high motivation existing in the beginning, the interest may keep on going down, and going to the gym itself becomes a difficult proposition. People start coming up with excuses for not going to the gym, like the faraway location of the Health Club, or time constraint that is stopping them from attending the gym regularly.

These Health Clubs also tend to be frequented by people at around the same time daily, mostly in the morning or evening hours. This could lead to crowding of the gym with difficulty in getting access to equipment or finding parking space for your car.

Advantages of Home Gyms

One of the best reasons for having a home gym is the possibility of exercising whenever you feel like doing it and not according to the working time of Health Clubs. You can also play your choice of songs and music and listen to it as loudly as you prefer.

However, the downside of exercising at your own place is loneliness that you feel at times because the camaraderie that a health club offers is missing at your own gym.

But for some, the mere thought of showing their bodies while exercising is simply a no-no and instead, they would love the privacy of the home gym.  Moreover, many people find it a squeamish experience of getting a whiff of a stranger’s body odor.

Although the initial cost of investment for having a home gym is quite a huge sum, it will be far less when compared to the total money that is spent in gym membership over time.

Another benefit of having your home gym is that they exist at your home and that makes it easier to fit your workouts into your daily schedule.

In addition, when the weather is bad, you can keep doing your exercise at your home gym.

For people in rural areas, home gyms are the best choice because of the non-availability of health clubs nearby.

Disadvantages of Home Gyms

There are certain disadvantages to having your home gym.

Many people, while exercising at their own gym find their everyday life getting in the way while working out. This distraction is not there when exercising at a health club, because there you do your physical exercises along with others. Working out at a health club is quite motivating as well, as the area is filled with people who are also there to get good body workouts.

Another reason that makes the home gym a prohibitive idea is that a lot of space is taken up by the equipment. For those having tight living space would find it difficult to have all the required equipment in place.

Choosing Between a Home Gym and a Health Club

It is seen that those having a home gym stick to their fitness regime longer and are likely to achieve their fitness goals earlier than those having gym memberships.

However, there are people who prefer to own a gym and also keep a gym membership, so that they can get the best experience of both the worlds by mixing things.

I personally have a gym membership and go three times a week, but there are times when it would be handy to have a home gym also.  As a result I have spent considerable time researching to find the best home gym on the market today at the lowest possible price.  This one wins hands down !

However they do also have other home gyms if you want to check them out.

Please leave your comments or questions if you have any.  Which form of exercise do you use, or do you do both?

5 thoughts on “Home Gym Vs Health Club – What Is Your Pick?”

  1. Me personally would rather the use of a home gym. I love the privacy it would allow, but not many people could afford to set up a home gym like a health club is set up. It would cost thousand and thousands of dollars. Im one of those people. So I do have a gym pass. It its a lot more affordable with the selection of equipment it allows. This article is very helpful to know the advantages and disadvantages of both. Very well written.

  2. Actually, when I was doing my research into which machines to recommend for a home gym , I deliberately looked for ones which provided many different function, so as to come as close as possible to mimicking the vast array of machines offered in a health club.

  3. Great post here, I love my body and I am so addicted to giving it a really good shape and I do this by owning a membership. Luckily for me, I am able to get a health centre that accepts monthly payments so whenever I don’t have funds for it, Ivan just decide to take a few routines at home(without equipments). I think the cost of getting equipments to the home should also be considered because that can be really costly. If I get enough money I’d prefer to do both home and and health club excercise just so I can enjoy the best of both worlds. I love this post regatds

    1. Thank you for your comments (I am not sure whether to call you Jackson or Kenny) 

      I agree that to have both a club membership and a gym machine at home would be ideal but probably out of reach for the average person.  That is why when I was researching a home machine to recommend that I looked for one that would not be too expensive, and would be handled by a reputable company like Amazon, but would at the same time provide a lot of different uses.  

      I felt that the machine I recommended kind of met all of that criteria. 

      Thanks again for your comments.


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