Hearing Specialist Audiologists

Hearing specialist audiologists are licensed professionals who are experts in the diagnosis and management of disorders related to your auditory and balance systems.

Benefits of Consulting an Audiologist

There is a mistaken belief that hearing loss or problems with balance only occur in elderly people. The truth is these disorders can happen to anyone, from infants to seniors.

The causes are diverse and numerous. Hearing loss should be closely monitored if you have a history of ongoing exposure to loud noises, ear infections, genetic hearing impairment, tinnitus, or head injury.

While looking for a qualified audiologist, don’t be afraid to ask them questions regarding their practice. You should seek a medical professional who is aware of the latest research and evaluative methods and who uses the latest technology.

The days of clunky, old-fashioned hearing aids are out. There are hearing aids nowadays that fit the shape of your ears discreetly and provide comfort in addition to efficiency.

Hearing aids are not your only solution.

Benefits of Consulting an Audiologist

You may also consider hearing rehabilitation, where you work with a professional on practicing speech, reading, and listening skills. Make sure that an audiologist can provide you with multiple choices for a long-lasting, effective remedy.

You should not be limited to just one solution, and the best medical professionals will be able to cater to your lifestyle and offer you a comfortable plan.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, “Hearing and balance disorders are complex with medical, psychological, physical, social, educational, and employment implications.”

Therefore, these hearing professionals have the important task of minimizing any negative impact you might be experiencing.  With the right provider, you could see dramatic changes in your quality of life.

There are two common disorders in this field. One is dizziness, and the other is tinnitus.

Benefits of Consulting an Audiologist

Dizziness is when people experience vertigo, unsteadiness, lightheadedness, and spatial disorientation. It may seem like a simple spell of faintness, but it is important to determine the cause and to keep track of the symptoms so that an audiologist can properly evaluate you.

Tinnitus is when people experience a ringing sensation in their ears when there is no outside cause. This condition is often followed by hearing loss.

Tinnitus could be caused by medications, age, noise exposure, allergies, head injury, or ear diseases.  A medical professional can help you find relief and offer hearing protection if necessary.

According to How’s Your Hearing, there are three ways that hearing aids can help tinnitus:

  1. By improving your hearing and reducing stress from straining to hear.
  2. By focusing on background sound to mask the tinnitus.
  3. By stimulating your hearing nerves to increase effectiveness.

Whatever the case may be, do not hesitate to search for a qualified and experienced audiologist.

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8 thoughts on “Hearing Specialist Audiologists”

  1. Hello. I have a question… when you said that tinnitus is followed by hearing loss, what’s the probability of completely losing it? I’ve had this condition for as long as i can remember, and its more prominent when it’s quiet. Maybe sometimes i don’t notice it because I got so used to it


    1. Thanks for your comments.  To answer you question I would have to say that because everyone’s hearing history and circumstance will differ, that is exactly why you might want to consult a hearing professional who can diagnose your particular situation, and possibly offer you a solution.


  2. Hey, I am learning new things everyday from your articles. You are really providing awesome guide on everything in our health. Today I learn about Hearing specialist audiologists. It can be happen with anyone, not only elders. Now I know a medical professional can help us to find relief and offer hearing protection if necessary. Keep this grate work up. 

    1. Thank you for your kind words Parveen.  I am glad you are enjoying the articles.

      That is what makes my work all worthwhile!


  3. This is fantastic information for me. I am 62 and I have been told I am hard of hearing. I do have constant ringing in my ears. I really need to get this checked out. Hearing aids do run in my family.

    This is the first I have heard of a hearing specialist audiologist and I am very interested in finding one locally.

    Thank you for this very useful information!

  4. Thank you for this information.  A little over 20 years ago, I had a head trauma/injury that made me partially deaf in my right ear.  My brain has learned to ignore the ringing most of the time unless it is quiet or I am thinking about it (like right now lol). As I get older, this gets worse.  I would love to look into different methods to help improve this.  I will definitely do some more research.  I appreciate this!

    1. Thank you for your comments Jennie, and I do encourage you to try your best to solve your hearing challenges.  I wish you all the best.


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