Fighting Depression Without Medication

Among the multitudes of people throughout the world today who suffer from depression, many are looking for ways of fighting depression without mediation.

Depression: Don't Let It Take Over

Just how bad has the problem become worldwide, one may ask?

According to the World Health Organization depression is the single largest contributor to disability worldwide (300 milliion), and they estimate that it accounts for close to 800,000 deaths by suicide annually.  

Even more serious is the fact that the problem is growing over time, and for those who may wish to fight depression without the aid of medications, what are some possible ways?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Exercise

Exercise is wonderful for both the body and mind.  While this will not cure severe depression, it can help to lessen the symptoms to make them more manageable.Depression: Don't Let It Take Over

If getting out of bed seems like a chore, it may take some effort to go for a morning run. If a morning run seems like a bit too much at the moment, start off slow.

A brisk walk around the block or through the park will still have a positive impact on both the body and the mind, and on symptoms of depression.

  • Get out of the house

This mental health condition can make a person feel like they never want to leave the house. 

It is normal for a depressed individual to close the blinds, leave the doors closed and then stay in the house as much as possible.  While this may be what a person feels like doing, it can make the symptoms more severe.

Human beings are created to interact with one another.

The body is also designed to benefit from natural sunlight. Going for that walk in the morning will help, as will simply getting out of the house.

Going window shopping or to the grocery store can help lift a depressed person’s spirits just a little bit.

  • Thai massage

Getting a regular Thai massage has proven to be beneficial for a wide spectrum of health conditions, including mental health conditions like this one.

As the Thai masseuse stretches and manipulates the body into different poses, it has the same impact on the body as exercise. The brain releases specific endorphins that will help make a person feel happier.

  • Recognize the symptoms

Individuals that have been clinically diagnosed with depression that would rather not take prescription medication are encouraged to pay attention to their body and their mind.

Instead of waiting until they are too sad to get out of  bed in the morning, they can address the issue as soon as it arises and get the help that they need.

Depression: Don't Let It Take Over

Patients can do this by keeping a daily journal of thoughts and feelings.  Reading the previous day’s entry will give an idea as to whether a depressive episode is coming on.

  • Counselling

While most individuals are not keen on the idea of counselling due to various stigmas attached to seeing a professional, counselling can help every individual that is dealing with this mental illness.

Severe cases of depression, however, may require medication, particularly if they are due to a chemical imbalance.

If a person is not comfortable taking prescription medication to deal with their mental illness, counselling can still help.

They can provide their clients with useful ways to help deal with the symptoms of mental illness, guaranteeing that this mental illness does not take over their life.

What works for one individual may not work for another individual with the same mental illness, and those that work in the counselling field understand that.

Through counselling, patients will learn a variety of different tools to help them deal with their mental illness.

They will also learn about the impact that it has on their life, helping them lessen the impact that their mental illness has on their life and their relationships.

Your observations and comments are welcome.

6 thoughts on “Fighting Depression Without Medication”

  1. Thank you, great article. Finding alternate methods besides medication is important because medications can have so many side-effects. Also, people have to “switch meds” after a while, and I’ve seen people really suffer when their meds are switched. So, I think it’s better not to become dependent on the medications, if possible. 

    You have provided some good tips on how to do that. The best ways are probably exercise, eating healthy, and getting help with what’s going on inside (such as counseling). Everyone is different and people have to find what works best for them. Well done, very helpful article. 

    1. Thanks for some great comments and observations! 

      There are so many types and severity of depression, but it is great that, with experimentation, most depressed people can search for and find a solution that can help their particular situation.


  2. This topic hits close to home.  I have a friend who is depressed and I’ve been able to help her through those weak moments.  However, I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be that ‘low’ where it must seem as there’s no way out.  I like all of your suggestions, as I, myself, would shy away from medications.  Sometimes they can be more of a burden and make things worse.  I have a question for you – do you have any experience with essential oils?  Do you think they could help depression?  Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.  Blessings!

    1. First of all, blessings on you for standing by your friend, and thanks for you comments.

      Although I have personally had no experience with essential oils, from what I have understood, if it is something that is enjoyed perhaps it could assist in relaxation.  Thanks for asking the question,  I will do more research on that subject now.


  3. Thank you so much for touching such a vital area as this. I have gotten to realize that depression kills faster that death itself.

    In addition to the points you listed in this post, I feel when people learn to maintain a healthy self esteem, there will be no room for depression. A large number of people who feel depressed have not connected with the originality that lies within them. 

    I SAY NO TO DEPRESSION. I lost a dear friend to depression(he committed Suicide)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing and for your comments Emmanuel.

      You are very right in your observations regarding how prevalent and how devastating this disease can be.  I too know of more than one individual who committed suicide and the suffering it caused so many loved ones who were left behind.

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