Detox Cleanse & Weight Loss Made Easy: Five Program Essentials

Natural cleansing detox:

1. Remove Toxic Exposure:

Avoid out-gassing, perfumes and lotions. The molecules you smell are dissolved in the nasal sinus and received by “taste buds”  in your nose. While minute, you essentially consume what you smell.

If you happen to work in an environment involving chemicals you should wear protection from the fumes.

Check the ingredients of anything you put on your skin.  How would you feel about eating it?  As a side-note, dry skin is often due to dehydration – try drinking more water.

Cut out all sugar and processed foods.  Basically, anything that has a shelf-life. These “foods” survive on the shelf for long periods of time because even microbes have the good sense NOT to eat them. This is the most difficult tenet because the modern lifestyle often requires food on demand.

You will need to plan quick, easily prepared, nutritious meals IN ADVANCE – especially if your schedule requires you to eat on the run. No bread, pasta, or wheat. Try lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches.

No Fatty foods, red meat, or dairy allowed.  No caffeine, alcohol, corn, soy, nuts, seeds or strong spices. These foods are harder to digest and add to overall toxic load.

2. Replace Essential Nutrients:Get your vitamins and minerals by eating organic vegetables. The more colorful the better!    Use moderation with sweet and starchy vegetables like potatoes and beets.  Fruit is acceptable for some, but not all.

Cook your green veggies to the point they turn vibrant spring green, but not beyond.  Overcooked vegetables are disgustingly mushy and taste bad because all the nutritional enzymes were destroyed!

Get protein from fresh, wild-caught, sustainable fish.  Fowl and eggs may be tolerated by some in moderation. Make sure that no antibiotics were used, and the chicken is free-range, organic, etc.

Again, having professional oversight can save you time and frustration. Simple deficiencies and digestive aids, probiotics, etc. can help.  It is costly and unwise to take a ton of supplements unless a true need is determined.

3. Exercise!

We excrete toxins through our skin, so you need to sweat! Moderate, but regular cardiovascular exercise in the proper heart rate zone is critical to success.

Walking or jogging is a great way to do this.  Again, specifics vary according to the individual, so a professional can diagnose specific needs. Too much, too little, or the wrong type may sabotage your efforts!

4. Identify Stressors and Remove Emotional Baggage:We can’t avoid stress entirely, but we can manage it better with prayer, meditation, or simply making goals.  By identifying the triggers that make us crave “comfort foods” we can avoid them, eliminate them, or transcend them.

5. Get Adequate Sleep!

Restructure your schedule so that you keep active during the day and sleep when it gets dark.  Bright lights fool the brain into thinking it is daytime. Try a television or computer “diet” and you may be surprised by the natural rhythm your body acquires.

The first three days are the hardest.  It takes three weeks to form habits.  After three months, if planned and executed properly, you’ll forget the unhealthy habits of the past and achieve a better, brighter, healthier you!

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8 thoughts on “Detox Cleanse & Weight Loss Made Easy: Five Program Essentials”

  1. Eating right is so hard!  You kinda made me feel bad when you said that “foods” with a long shelf life last a long time because the microbes have the good sense NOT to eat them, lol!  I understand that, I read something a while back that said if you go to a grocery store, DO NOT shop in the center of the store.  Anything that claims how healthy it is, is bad for you because fruits and vegetables don’t have anything claiming healthy they are.  Do you think that claim is on the same wavelength as yours? 

    1. Thanks for your comments Ibrahim.  Yes, it would seem that most experts in the fields of health and nutrition would agree that most fruits and vegetables are healthful, if properly prepared and consumed.

      You are also right about the way stores are laid out.  It is a well known fact, for example, that stores will always put their most bought products like milk and eggs at the back of the the store so you will have to walk through the middle of the store to reach them.


  2. Removing toxic exposures and replacing it with nutrients sounds well. Except, I wouldn’t call it “replacing” but “filling”. I would fill my body with these nutrients which will do great effect in my body then excursive. Though at the same time, exercising is part of a daily discipline we should all have; unfortunately, I yet don’t. 

  3. Sometimes people think it’s complicated to detoxify and loss weight. But with your post you have simplified the major points that people should do. Avoid toxins, eat healthy, exercise and enough sleep. I do admit it’s quite difficult for me to cut sugar and starchy foods, but i’m working on it:) . Thanks for sharing your good advice!

    1. Good for you Gillian!  It sounds like you are definitely on the right path.  Keep up the good work ! 


  4. What better way to loose weight than exercising. I personally jog everyday and I normally don’t over sweat because I jog very early in the morning and the weather at that particular time is always cool so I won’t say the detoxing is much but it still does it’s thing.

    My weight is very ok and I feel good and sleep well everyday.

    1. Thank you for your comments Jay. Yes, morning is a great time to jog if you can.

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