Cure For Ringing In The Ears

Have you by chance been looking for a cure for ringing in the ears?  You are not alone because many people are.

11 Proven Ways To Stop Ringing In The Ears

Tinnitus (the medical term for ringing in the ears) is the result of prolonged exposure to loud sound, middle ear infections, ear wax build up and/or damages to the nerve endings.

The sufferer hears sounds that are not present in his or her immediate surroundings.  The type of sound (hissing, clicking, whistling, buzzing etc. ), the pitch and the volume level varies from person to person.

The symptoms must be addressed at the earliest because it interferes with day-to-day activities and also impairs hearing in the long run.

Many debate that there is no cure for ringing in the ears, but it is not true. There a several holistic treatments and home remedies to relieve the symptoms, making life easier for you.

11 Proven Ways To Stop Ringing In The Ears

Here are some of the proven ways to get rid of ringing in the ears.

1. Start by monitoring your blood pressure. Ringing in the ears might develop as a temporary symptom of high blood pressure. So, do take it into consideration.

2. Reduce your intake of salt by 10% of your daily consumption.

3. Quit drinking alcohol and cut back on beverages such as tea and coffee as they contain caffeine, a substance that dehydrates the body.

4. If you use aspirin or medications that have aspirin as one of the main components, try to limit its use. However, you should do so only after consulting your doctor if you are on an aspirin regimen.

5. Ringing in the earss can also be caused by poor blood flow to the structures of the ear. The nicotine present in cigarettes and other tobacco products impedes proper blood flow and hence should be avoided.

6. Exposing yourself to loud noise after you already suffer symptoms of tinnitus tends to aggravate the condition. Protect your ears with ear muffs or ear plugs every time you are visiting a high-noise area.

7. The clicking,  buzzing,  hissing sounds a tinnitus sufferer hears becomes more clear and distracting when the external environment is silent.

11 Proven Ways To Stop Ringing In The Ears

The use of white noise is considered a great coping mechanism because it masks the sound you hear with another louder sound. You can play soft music in the background or concentrate on the sounds produced by the fan or humidifier in the room to dim the other sounds.

8. Whenever the sounds start to echo in your ears, try distracting the mind by doing something else. This way it becomes more manageable.

9. Trying to stop the ringing in the ears is also about controlling stress as too much  stress will worsen it. Take rest whenever possible, and use meditation and yoga to provide an outlet for your stress.

10. Exercise to improve blood circulation in the body.

11. The herbal supplement gingko biloba has also been found to be effective in treating tinnitus . It improves blood circulation and heals inflamed blood vessels.

If the ringing in ears persists despite taking precautions and using all these home remedies, you should fix an appointment with your ENT (ear nose & throat) specialist.  It might hint at a more serious health condition.

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10 thoughts on “Cure For Ringing In The Ears”

  1. 🤣 This topic actually sounds funny to me. I know I have experienced ringing in my ears several times as a result of loud noise that pops into my ears (sometimes it’s even echo’s I hear), lol.

    Thanks for these great tips and solutions to ringing in ear, I had a great time reading through.

  2. I just wanted to thank you for this post.

    For quite some time I’ve noticed a high-pitch tone that seems to be ever-present but quite prominent when there’s no other ambient noise.

    I’m going to give some of these suggestions a try.  Hopefully one will do the trick.  I just hope it’s not a medical condition that would require surgical intervention or get worse over time.

    Thanks again,


    1. Thanks for the comments Scott.

      Yes this malady is fairly common, especially as we age.  I hope in your case these tips can help you, but as I said in the article, if they don’t you may want to have an ENT specialist check it just to be safe.


  3. Your solutions to treating and minimizing tinnitus are very simple. If only we could take care of our ears a little better. My sister suffers from tinnitus and I have seen how uncomfortable and agitated she gets. I think she can use the white sound distraction to cope with the situation. Will pass this unto her. Thank you for these insights.

    1. You’re most welcome Carol.  I hope it does help your sister.

      I worked for ten years as a production operator in a chemical plant when I was young and the noise level out in the plant was very high.  I am very glad now that I always wore ear protectors when I went out there because now in my 80s I still have very good hearing.


  4. Hello Rolandf

    That’s a well-written review of tinnitus- ringing in the ears.

    I’ve learned that increased blood pressure is more often than not the major causative factor for ear ringing. Reducing salt intake, quitting alcohol, and reducing tea and coffee intake will all contribute to managing tinnitus. I also agree with you that unnecessary exposure of one’s ears to prolonged loud noises tends to aggravate the situation.  

    What I did not understand and I’m hoping you’ll help me is to know how aspirins also affect ear ringing. Kindly notify me when you write about it.

    Boniface from AndroidBix

    1. Thank you for your comments.

      To try to answer your question, my research of the Internet (Mayo Clinic and others) would indicate that 81mg. aspirin should not cause tinnitus but that over 12 regular aspirin a day might.

      My guess would be that since aspirin is known to relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow, that increase to the auditory mechanisms in the ear may be picked up by the auditory nerves.  However that is a guess only on my part.


  5. I’ve gotten some ringing in ear experiences before due to loud noise only. I’ve also gotten one other type (I don’t know if it has a name) where water entered my ear while bathing and I kinda hear some strange noise in my ear too; do you have any idea about this?

    It’s always a pleasure seeing you share awesome tips and thanks for sharing these.

    1. Yes Vsegbah, the problem you mention with water in your ear is called “swimmer’s ear” and can cause tinnitis or vertigo (dizziness) or both.  Do you have problems getting the water out of your ear?  If so you might want to try one or more of the following:

      1. Make gravity do the work

      2. Jiggle your ear lobe

      3. Apply hot compresses

      4. Use a blow dryer (not sure that I would think that is all that safe)

      5. Insert a few drops of warm olive oil for about 10 minutes.

      To avoid possible infection it is advised NOT to use cotton swabs, your finger, or any other object to dig inside your ear.

      Hope this helps.


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