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Find An Online Personal Trainer

 Have you heard of the new fitness trend of online fitness coaches and trainers?  Can the results really compare to in-person trainers?  Online trainers can actually give you even better results than your local trainers.   This article will be about why it may be wise to find an online personal trainer.

Should You Look Into Hiring An Online Personal Trainer?

It is not a secret that personal trainers are a great thing for almost anybody looking to get into fitness and improving their health.   From beginner to advanced, trainers can be a great way to progress and see better results!

Better Results Than You Can Get Yourself

Gym goers are usually on a daily routine. The truth is that a lot of gym goers can’t seem to get results that they deserve.  This is where having an online trainer comes into play.

You can get better results if you follow a training program that is specific for your goals and needs.

Since nutrition is also a huge factor in getting fit, they can make you diet plans too.  Online coaches do a great job of tracking your results and make changes when they see an impending plateau.

Need help starting with a professionally designed program?Should You Look Into Hiring An Online Personal Trainer?

Creating a perfect training and nutrition plan isn’t a simple task.   Great trainers know how to build programs around each specific client.   Instead of winging it, a coach can push you to your limits without stepping over the line and causing more harm than good.

The teamwork between client and coach is bar none – with the right communication, an online coach can take you to places you didn’t think were possible.

Dynamic Training Better Than The Free Stuff Online

The programs available online for free aren’t really the cream of the crop for everybody.

Most trainers have specific training modalities and exercises that they have developed themselves that will help you push through plateaus and advance further.

Even though you won’t see your online trainer in person, you will get all of the benefits of working with a professional in the fitness industry. 

Forget about mediocre results from a free online program!

Do you need guidance in terms of training and dieting but don’t want a trainer staring at you every set?

Should You Look Into Hiring An Online Personal Trainer?

We all know trainers are a great thing to try out.  Your best trainer might not be easy to find.  Trying to fit into their schedule isn’t easy to do, and there are plenty of other obstacles to overcome.

You will become much more self-reliant when enlisting an online trainer.

Working like this will teach you to become self motivated to hit the gym and give you more accountability than a trainer yelling at you to meet them at the gym every time. Once you stop seeing that trainer, you didn’t build any self-push.

Becoming more self-reliant will give you more lifetime worth from an online trainer!

Very Affordable Prices

Should You Look Into Hiring An Online Personal Trainer?

Great personal trainers are not something that you can pay for with your pocket change.   Great trainers get swamped and charge a lot for their services.

Online trainers aren’t like that.   Instead of spending hours watching their clients workout, they can spend more time developing more training programs for more clients.

If they can handle more clients,they can charge much less per client.  Why hire a local trainer for $400 a month when you can get better quality services for around $100 per month?

No local trainer can give you the same quality of work as an online trainer and charge you the same amount.

Go out and do your research to make sure you find an online trainer that really delivers for their clients!

Any comments or observations are welcome.

Bowflex Max Trainer Alternatives

Looking for a Bowflex Max alternative machine?  In this article we will  consider three other Bowflex Max Trainer alternatives.

Bowflex Max Alternatives - Alternative Ellipticals To the Bowflex Max Trainer

The Bowflex Max Trainer is a hybrid elliptical trainer-stair climber machine that combines lower body climbing motions with upper body elliptical arm bars for a full body workout.

The Max is excellent for HIIT workouts (or High Intensity Interval Training) and according to the Manufacturer, you can burn up to 2.5 times more calories on the Max Trainer than you can on a regular elliptical.

But are there any alternatives to the Bowflex Max?  Well, not that long ago, the answer was no – the Max was pretty unique and kudos to Bowflex for designing such a cool, fat-burning trainer.

But the good news is that now you have options. Other brands have seen the success of Bowflex and come out with their own options to build on the Max’s success.

Bowflex Max Alternatives - Alternative Ellipticals To the Bowflex Max Trainer

So here are 3 of your options with the benefits to each:

#1 Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer

The Proform Cardio HIIT Trainer is an elliptical that combines a 10 inch vertical stride with a 5 inch horizontal stride for a vertical climbing motion – very similar to what you get with the Max Trainer.

It also gives you upper body arms for whole body training and takes up half the space as a regular elliptical. Plus it comes with a few things you don’t get with the Bowflex trainer – like the option for iFit LIVE (which adds more workouts to your trainer including several HIIT workouts and lets you track your workouts over time).

You also get a built-in console fan to keep you cool and 24 levels of resistance (which is slightly more than the Max Elliptical).

#2 Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

This Schwinn 470 elliptical machine boasts an enhanced Bluetooth, plus a blue backlit LCD, displaying 29 workout programs.

Another feature is 25 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options.

 Plus it’s actually a few hundred less than the premium Max Trainer model. So it’s a great value.

Bowflex Max Alternatives - Alternative Ellipticals To the Bowflex Max Trainer

#3 Sole SC200 Stepper

The Sole SC200 Stepper is another combo stepper-elliptical trainer with upper body arm bars for a whole body workout.

It’s a bit simpler than the HIIT Trainer or the Bowflex Max with a scaled down console and a few less resistance levels than the HIIT trainer.

But it does come with several built-in workouts and a hand grip heart rate monitor to stay in your target fat-burning zone. You also get wheels on the bottom of the stepper to move it to anywhere in your home easily.

So those are 3 similar alternatives to the Bowflex Max Trainer. Each one has its own unique benefits.

Don’t forget however there are now 3 different Max Trainer models starting around $1100 and up – so chances are you may also find a Max TrainerS] that is right for you if you decide that’s what you want. 

Sorry to say, they are not available on Amazon, however. so if you find them, delivery may be extra.

Remember to take your time, do your research and find a machine you really love – one that can grow with you as your fitness level grows over time. Then you’ll have a machine you can use for years to come!

Other forms of exercise equipment that I have recommended in the past include:

Do you have any comments or observations to add?

Best Treadmill Under 1000 Dollars

Shopping for the best treadmill under 1000 dollars?   Wondering how to find the best option for you?

How To Find A Great Treadmill For Under $1000

Most people buying a treadmill have a budget and the $1000 price point is a popular one. Treadmills around this price point are usually called entry-level models.

You can find a range of these treadmills from various brands, each one a little  different from the next.

So how do you find a good one?

Here are 5 things you should be looking at in order to sniff out a great deal:

#1 Buy A Newer Model

Look for either this year or next year’s model – the latest model you can get when shopping. Why?

Because in the rush to be competitive, manufacturers often update their treadmills every year with the latest toys, stronger components and best consoles.

#2 Look for a Strong Motor

The motor is the heart of your treadmill. You want a motor strong enough to power your belt and incline with ease. It should not be a struggle if you run on the treadmill or zip up and down with the incline.

Most decent motors range from 2.0 HP up to 3.0 hp. You want to find the highest motor power you can get, especially if you plan on running on your machine.

Also look at the length of the motor warranty to give you an idea of the quality of the motor.  A lifetime motor warranty is ideal obviously, but a 25 year motor warranty is also OK.

How To Find A Great Treadmill For Under $1000

#3 Make Sure the Belt Size is Right

Look for a belt length from 55 to 60 inches long just to ensure you have enough room to move.

If you’re planning on running, or you’ll have a taller user on the treadmill, you’ll probably want to go with a 60 inch belt, just to give you a bit of extra space.

#4 Choose the Right Brand Name

There are a lot of treadmill brands on the market today.  Some have great reputations and some… not so much.

Look for a treadmill brand that is well known, as lesser known brands can often mean smaller companies.

What’s wrong with a smaller company?  Well, smaller companies will go out of business before larger ones, especially if we hit upon hard economic times.  And that means there’s nobody around to service your warranty.

Also, a large company usually has the means and engineering power to build a better treadmill for less, so you’ll get more for your money at the $1000 price point.

Some popular brands that I like for this price range include Proform, NordicTrack and Sole.

#5 Choose a Well-Lit Console

The console should be back lit, so you can see your workout stats a lot easier.

The console layout is really more of a personal preference. However a lot of people really like to see as much information as they can when they walk or run.

Some consoles also have several really fun options like iPod docks, speakers, fans or built-in workouts to add some extra challenge to your exercise time.

How To Find A Great Treadmill For Under $1000


So those are 5 things you should be looking for when shopping for a great treadmill under $1000. 

If I could point you to a treadmill which I feel meets at least most of the above criteria, is a good brand, supplied by a reliable company it would be this one.

Take your time, read reviews and choose one that fits your criteria.  And then have fun! Enjoy being able to walk or run anytime you want, even when it’s rainy outside!

Add any additional comments or observations here.

Exercise Fitness Tips

A key component of fitness is exercise.  Both physical and mental exercise is something we must do.  In this article we will look at some exercise fitness tips.

How To Know When Enough Is Enough

We know that the seven Fs (Food, Fitness, Friendships, Finances, Future, Fun, Faith.) can help to add years to life and life to years.  However, fitting exercise into our daily routine can be a real struggle. If you’re in this group, you’re not Robinson Crusoe.

A recent Australian study found that many people had barriers around incorporating exercise into their daily routine – both in the workplace and later in life.

The study showed that 54% of Australian workers identified work pressures as getting in the way of exercising and 43% reckoned that they were too tired from work to lead an active lifestyle.

Oldies claimed that they found the task difficult because their levels of motivation seemed to have declined with age.  Then, of course, there’s the big question of how much exercise is considered to be enough?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that we complete 10,000 steps, or the equivalent level of activity, every day . Walking, for example, can be a great way to reach, and even exceed, the magic number. There are, however, a range of sports and activities that can quickly contribute to the recommended steps.

How To Know When Enough Is Enough


There’s a plethora of activities.  Other examples include:

Activity                                                                  Equivalent low-intensity steps per half hour
  • Pilates 4,160 steps
  • Golfing, even at the driving range. 4,264
  • Gardening 1,000
  • Most forms of yoga. 4,060
  • Wheelchair activities 6,000
  • Jogging, swimming, and bike riding – or other cross-training activities. 6,754
  • Surfing 5,118

Those on this list are examples only, of course.  

It’s up to you to choose an exercise that suits you and your lifestyle.

How To Know When Enough Is Enough

 You can also help to reach your daily step goal of 10,000 by incorporating some of these activities into your daily routine.

  • Invite friends to join you in your daily exercise
  • Where possible, use the stairs instead of taking the elevator or escalator
  • Try a wide variety of new sports or activities
  • Walk instead of driving, and even if you must drive, park further away from your destination so you have to walk further
  • Hop off the bus one stop earlier
  • Spring clean the house, the garage, or your den
  • Play with the grand kids when they’re around

Get started – remember excuses are alibis for not succeeding.

How To Know When Enough Is Enough

There’s plenty of available technologies to help you to reach your WHO target. And exceeding 10,000 is OK, so don’t be hesitant about taking that next step.

One of those technologies could be a fitness trainer such I have written about previously.  Even though the one I wear every day is not presently available on Amazon, one that I do recommend  is here. 

There is also a home gym available on Amazon that I recommended earlier as a good buy.

Please add your comments or observations.

Compare Fitness Trackers

This article is going to be a review of my own personal experience with owning a fitness tracker.  Based on that, it  will also be an attempt to provide insight into how to compare fitness trackers.

What should you look for in a fitness tracker?

That will probably depend on what is your lifestyle, as well as what are your fitness goals.  Following are at least a few of the questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • Do I go to a gym or exercise at home on a regular basis?
  • Do I like to go for walks or jogging as a means of exercise?
  • Am I involved in sports on a regular basis?
  • Do I like to swim?
  • Am I concerned about the amount of sleep I get nightly?
  • Do I have a heart condition that I need to keep an eye on?

These are just a few of the many questions that could be asked but some of the ones that will form the basis for the comparisons in this article.

I started my research of fitness trackers when I first wrote about them last July.  Then based on my recommendation at that time I decided last August to actually  purchase the very fitness tracker that I had recommended,

Since that time I have become completely devoted to and reliant on this little wonder machine.

There are so many different brands and models of fitness trackers on the market today that to decide on what is right for you can be challenge.

  Even if you start inexpensive you can always work up later to more expensive ones.  Hopefully the following can be of help:

1  What bells and whistles do I need for me?

Referring back to the questions above, that will depend a lot on your lifestyle and goals.  For the average adult it will will probably revolve around trying to exercise on a fairly regular basis, be it working around the house, going for walks, exercising on equipment at home or in a gym, or playing some kind of sport on a regular basis

2. Do I need a fitness tracker that is water proof?

Another matter to consider is whether you want to wear your fitness tracker into the shower or during swimming.  If you do, it could be an important consideration.  If not, it could be handy if you get caught out in a heavy rainstorm or fall out of a boat. LOL

  3.  What should I consider paying for a good fitness tracker?

This is the point where it all gets really interesting because prices out there vary all over the wall from close to $30 USD all the way up to over $200 USD.

Why I bought the fitness tracker that I did.

After I had spent a considerable amount of time  doing all the research of different fitness trackers sold by many different suppliers, I settled on the KUNGIX activity tracker which I now own, for the following reasons:

  1. It is powered by Fitbit software connected to your cp, which seems, from all I have discovered to be one of, if not, the most widely acclaimed in the business.
  2. It measures most all of the things that even sometimes  the more expensive fitness trackers don’t, including heart rate, and many exercise protocols.
  3. It is waterproof,in case I should want to take it in swimming with me.
  4. It is a fraction of the cost compared to most fitness trackers on the market today.
  5. I found my fitness  tracker to be very affordable at Amazon, with good and fast delivery service.
  6. It charges from any USB port and the charge can last for around a week.

4.    Am I happy that I purchased this particular fitness tracker when I did?

You bet I am!  I have learned so much about myself, things that I do right regarding my health as well as things I need to improve on.  I have had excellent service from it so far, and I feel that I definitely made a good buying decision.

Also, I have noted that in several of the reviewers articles that the fashion conscious and ardent sports people especially talk about having several different fitness trackers they can wear to fit the  occasion.

It does seem to make sense to perhaps start with an inexpensive one first and then proceed from there if desired.   Even Amazon talks about buying more than one at a time.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  After sharing all that I have in this review to promote the fitness tracker that I own, I discovered just today that Amazon is presently out of stock and do not know when they will be getting more.

I did however do some research on my own to help out and found that Amazon does supply one which seems to do all of the things mine will do and maybe two or three things more.  You can go straight to it by clicking here.

Mind you, if you go to the link above you can easily research many other fitness trackers which Amazon handles and decide for yourself which  one or more would best suit your needs.

Good hunting!  You have just enough time left yet before Christmas.  What a great and unique Christmas present!

Please feel free to leave comments or observations.


Best Buy In Fitness Trackers

 In order to increase our level of fitness and make our lives better, we must own a fitness tracker that keeps track of how healthy and fit our body is at any point in time.  So what then, you well may ask, is the best buy in fitness trackers?

Another possible question could be, “Why are fitness trackers important at all?”

First of all, it is very important to stay physically fit, to be able to do everyday jobs effectively and efficiently during the course of our life. 

Besides this, there are several other reasons why one should own and use a fitness tracker.

This is a great tool, especially when you have lots of things to do in a limited time period.  So, it’s time to get a fitness tracker that suits your budget and fitness purpose.

Remember that you need a fitness tracker which suits your requirements the best.

Following are five aspects to consider: 

 1.  A Motivator

A fitness tracker is not just a gadget, but it is more of a fitness friend and a motivator partner.  The main purpose of this watch is to keep track of a person’s fitness routine and motivate him/her to stay fit.

This device allows one to view the information regarding all the activities performed by the wearer, so that one can know where the efforts have been spent all the day long.

2.   Fitness Objectives

A fitness watch is a help for one to set future goals.  By offering a visual impression of the improvements and progress one makes, this device allows one to meet goals smartly and set better goals based on what one has already accomplished.

But before setting up better goals, one should first note down the purpose of the tracker, whether it is losing weight, building body, tracking sleep or serving any other purpose.

3.  Monitoring the Heart Rate

Another benefit of this device is that it keeps monitoring the heart rate, whether one is working out or taking rest. This would help one single out the activities that overload during exercises. It’s a great way of monitoring heart rate.

4.  Tracking Sleep

A fitness watch has a role in every activity that one performs, be it exercising or even sleeping. Getting good quality sleep is also a very important factor in one’s lifestyle so this device is capable of recording both deep and light sleep.

Moreover it also optimizes the rate of success in one’s fitness schedule.  One’s body must get enough sleep to make up for all the daily exhaustion and proper tissue repairing and building.

5.  Swimming and Diving

Regular swimmers must get a water proof fitness tracker. With this device, they can get more out of their swimming program, as they continuously receive the data of their fitness schedule, even in the water.

 Fitness is certainly important; however it is more important to keep  track of the fitness.

This should help one make better goals and increase efficiency.  So, one should definitely buy a fitness tracker which makes it possible to know whether he/she is progressing in the right direction or not.

When I first investigated fitness trackers some time ago, I looked for the best buy I could find.   Basically, one that would meet all of the above requirements.   As a result I . ended up with this one.   I have worn it 24/7 now for a few months and I can tell you that you would have a hard time taking it from me!

It is a great help and very well worth the price!

Even on this Black Friday, a lot  of the sales in the stores are asking at least one hundred dollars more than mine sells for on Amazon.

Any comments of observations?

Best Cardio Fitness Equipment

In this article we take a look at some of the best cardio fitness equipmentA Discussion on Different Types of Cardio Fitness Equipment

As per doctors & physical trainers, exercise is considered as very important.

With the change in the lifestyle, various diseases have cropped up that are ruining the lives of millions of people. One such disease that is considered as very harmful is the cardio-vascular disease. This disease, of course, is related to the functioning of the heart.

Any such disease can adversely affect the performance of the heart, causing a tremendous decrease in the health standard of an individual.

The main function of the heart is to pump the blood throughout the body. This helps in providing oxygen & nourishment to different body tissues.  Moreover, the proper heart rate is required for the well-being of an individual. 

In order to do exercise, the comprehensive range of fitness equipment are available in the market. Some of these are specially developed to improve the performance of the heart.  These are popularly known as cardio fitness equipment.

Some of the most important equipment are discussed here.


A Discussion on Different Types of Cardio Fitness Equipment

It is basically a machine on which you can easily run. The running is considered as the best exercise to combat cardiovascular problems.

This exercise is very effective in reducing obesity which is considered as the most potential reason for various heart problems. This equipment can be installed at the gym or at home.

Now, the question comes why running on a treadmill is better than running on the road.

The answer is simple. If you go to the gym daily then running comes in the category of warm-up exercises. Another thing is that running can be performed in the inclined plane using this equipment which is not possible in case of the plain road.

The StairMaster

This equipment is developed in the shape of the stairs. This is an excellent workout that perfectly combats excessive fat.

It is very useful in controlling the cholesterol level inside the body, thus making your cardiovascular system healthy & strong.

 By moving on the provided staircase a person will improve the blood circulation in the body. More importantly, this also helps in burning excessive calories from the body.

Mini Gym

A Discussion on Different Types of Cardio Fitness Equipment

This is a very useful piece of cardiovascular equipment that can be used to do different exercises. It is used to perform a variety of exercises.

This exercise directly influences the muscles of the heart. The expansion & compression of the heart muscles during the exercise helps in boosting the strength of the heart.

There are several cardiovascular equipment manufacturers that are offering their products. They have specially manufactured their products as per the recommendations of the physical trainers in order to provide exceptional health benefits to an individual.

These are specially designed while keeping in mind the compact structure of the heart so that you receive several health benefits.

As always, feel free to leave your comments.

Fitness Goal Tracker

When it comes to setting fitness goals for ourselves these days it has become more and more popular to do it with the aid of a fitness goal tracker.

Why You Should Get a Fitness Tracker

We have been working hard to keep ourselves fit since the industrial revolution. This shows how important it is for our bodies to be able to function effectively and efficiently during the course of our lifestyles.

One advantage that we have today is that we can increase our level of fitness and make our lives better by using a fitness tracker.

There are multiple reasons why you should own and use one. For anyone who is seriously into keeping fit, this is an indispensable tool, especially when you have lots of things to do with your time.

A fitness tracker can be used: as a motivating partner, to set and reach your fitness goals, or to monitor your heart rate, You can use it even under water, and also track your sleep.

It’s time to get yourself a fitness tracker that suits your fitness purpose and your budget.  Remember that the quality and the functions of a workout watch should determine which one suit you best.

1. A motivating partner

A fitness tracker is more of a fitness friend and a strict coach, than just a gadget.  Its major functions are the standard of measurement and motivation.

It lets you view all your activities in the form of information, through which you can see how you did and where you spread your efforts during the workout routine.

This information will later help you to set smarter goals.

2. Fitness goals

Since detailed orientation and clarity are high in priority when setting your fitness goals, a visual impression of your improvements will give you a great sense of accomplishment.

Knowing what you have accomplished and what is yet to be accomplished is the main ingredient for setting better fitness goals

. First, you need to write down the purpose of your tracker; whether it is losing weight, building you body, tracking your sleep or any purpose you have.

3. Monitoring your heart rate

It is important to monitor your heart rate especially but not exclusively during your workout sessions.

A fitness tracker will keep collecting data during your workout and even as you rest. This makes it convenient for you to single out the activities that overload you during exercises.

4. Swimming and diving

Why You Should Get a Fitness Tracker

If you are a regular swimmer or diver, you can get a fitness tracker that is water-resistant. With this, you will get  more out of your fitness program since you are able to get data on you fitness stat while on land or in water.

In addition, in some cases you can even get information of the number of strokes you make as you swim, your swimming efficiency, and your swimming pace.

5. Tracking your sleep

A fitness tracker has a role in every activity within the course of your lifestyle. This includes  when you are resting or sleeping.

Getting good quality sleep optimizes your rate of success in your fitness program. The whole of your body should be relaxed for you to make up for all exhaustion and proper tissue building and repair.

If you are interested in knowing what I have personally done regarding  a fitness tracker you may refer back to an article I wrote previously by clicking here.

Also, your comments  or experience with a fitness tracker are welcome below.


Points To Consider When Buying Second Hand Gym Equipment

The following article provides tips that should help in making an informed decision when buying second hand  gym equipment.

Points To Consider When Buying Used Gym Equipment

If you are on a tight budget, purchasing used gym equipment can be a smart decision .  However, the used equipment that you select should be in good condition. 

Buying Tip

Irrespective of the equipment that you have selected to buy, it would be wise to find  a reliable and trustworthy seller with a reputation for delivering quality products that are priced reasonably.

When selecting the right equipment, you need to keep certain things in mind so that the purchased equipment does not falter when used later on.

Check for Functionality

Buying used gym equipment should not be at the cost of compromising on the durability.  Ensure that the equipment is working completely fine.

Examine the different features of the machine and find out the presence of any damage. Try the machine and verify if its features are working fine and safe.

Check for Maintenance

Take time to inspect and find out if the gym equipment is maintained well. It is important that no damages have been done to the vital components of the equipment so that it is safe when working with the equipment.

Points To Consider When Buying Used Gym Equipment

The presence of cracks and tears in the parts are the results of poor maintenance.

Check for Comfort Level

It is important that you feel comfortable while using the equipment. Otherwise, there are chances of sustaining injury and health issues while using it.

So don’t buy equipment simply because the deal appears lucrative.

Choose from Reputed Brands

See to it that the maker of the used fitness equipment is a reliable and reputed manufacturer and provides a warranty on the parts.  Usually, going for quality brands ensures the durability of the equipment.

Check for Warranty

 Used fitness machines usually do not  come with a warranty, but in certain cases, the seller might provide a warranty of up to one year.

Check with the manufacturer to find out if they provide after-sales service.

Go Through Customer Reviews

It makes sense to buy gym equipment that has a considerable number of testimonials to its credit.

Searching online or reading fitness magazines about customer reviews of the equipment will help to judge the reliability of the equipment.

Points To Consider When Buying Used Gym Equipment

Buy at the Right Price

Before buying used equipment, find out the retail price of the machine.  For this, you could go through the classified ads as given for the local area or browse the websites and compare prices to find the best deals available that meet your budget.

Once the actual market value is discovered, it would be much easier for you to bargain with the seller for the used fitness equipment.

Before inking the deal, verify if any additional expenses like installation cost, delivery charges, and servicing costs need to be paid.

On the whole, it would be beneficial to do one’s own research before purchasing used gym equipment.

Purchasing in haste could mean regret later. On the whole, an impulsive buy is not recommended when buying used gym equipment.

If after all of your investigations into used gym equipment you are still finding it to be beyond your budget, you might want to refer back to  former articles of mine where,after considerable research, I was able  to locate a good  NEW popular brand machine from a reliable supplier and at a reasonable price.

OR, if you want to bypass my former articles and go directly to the machine I recommend, click here.

Any comments or observations you would like to add?

What Is the Secret to Eternal Youth?


Most of us seniors have probably grown up with stories and movies centered around the fantasy of discovering the fountain of youth.  Of course we all know it is just that,  a fantasy, but have we ever stopped to ask ourselves the question “What is the secret to eternal youth?”

Anti-Aging Attitude - 5 Secrets to Eternal Youth

Helen never aged.  Not in my mind anyway.  She was at least ninety years old, wearing long, wavy hair, sporting popular teen fashion, and generally facing life with attitude.

Her attitude was positive, upbeat, cheerful, sweet, and most important, youthful. If you asked how she was doing, her answer was always the same, “Great!”

I never saw Helen down or discouraged.

She never spoke of her aches or pains if she had them.  Her daily exercise and healthy eating may have eliminated them, but she must have had some. I know this because when she fell or bumped herself she would say, “I must have needed acupuncture there!”

What an amazing woman she was. If she went to the doctor, she never spoke of it, and just listened to others talk, never complaining once about any condition except perhaps the fact that other people didn’t laugh nearly enough or have enough fun with life.

I want to be Helen when I grow up!

So I’ve incorporated everything I know about how she faced life, no embraced life, with every fiber of her being.

Her spiritual life was the most important thing of all to her and she never stopped serving all life with love (and a bit of rebelliousness, too!)  Here are her secrets and some of my own:

1. Keep your attention on the goal, not the roadblock.

Anti-Aging Attitude - 5 Secrets to Eternal Youth

 For example, if you want to catch the ball, you keep your eye on the ball, right?  In this case, keep your eye on the feeling and attitude of youth.

Each time you catch yourself feeling old, ask yourself what a kid would do in that situation. You may find you can do way more than you thought you could!

2. Observe and change your language, to yourself as well as others.

When you are tempted to use the word “old”, instead, replace it with the word “experienced” or some other creative phrase.

Another friend who inspires me never tells her age because she said that people automatically think of you a certain way and get an attitude about you.  Be ageless, be a god or goddess!

3. Think Young.

Every single day, anytime you think about how you look or feel, imagine yourself as you were when you were your ideal age. That might be different for everyone. 

I like to hold my image of myself as thirty-five and when I have birthdays, they are each “my annual thirty-fifth birthday” for anyone who asks!

4. Smile as much as possible

Anti-Aging Attitude - 5 Secrets to Eternal Youth

Not only do you look younger, but you’ll feel younger too. Try it right now!

5. Relax and fill your heart with love

That’s the real secret to staying young.  When you trust and focus on your spiritual life it will energize you.

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The Best Way to Start an Exercise Program

Has this ever happened to you?  You make promises, preparations and determination to start that exercise program. You have been thinking about it.  You are ready.  But a question remains — “What is the best way to start an  exercise program?”

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program and Staying With ItEven though you have been putting it off for a long time, you finally said “tomorrow is the day that I am going to start”.   And you are well prepared with good intentions. 

But something happened between the night before and the morning after… You got cold feet!

Why?  Because you don’t feel like exercising this morning. Your feelings, in spite of all the preparation and determination, got the best of you. You gave in to your feelings!

If this has happened to you, you are not alone.  So many other people have been in the same situation. The good news is that they overcame it, and so can you.

In this article, you are going to learn how others in the same situation have overcome reluctance to exercising. Ideally, this will give you hope that you can do exercising regularly. 

Here are some tips:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to make a re-determination of starting an exercise program.

This means you need to make a fresh decision to “restart your engine” again. You should not give in to your failure to follow up with any prior determination.

2.  The second thing that would be beneficial is to know why you are doing what you are doing.

You want to exercise because you want to improve your health and vitality. You want to exercise because you will feel good doing what you are doing.

You know staying fit is critical to your health and wellness. Also, you know that your health is your wealth.

3.  Next is to write out your why’s.

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program and Staying With It

Sometimes we are not motivated to do something because our why’s are not strong enough. Thinking about our why’s will not cut it.

Writing brings things to light. You put it on the paper and the light becomes brighter and brighter.

You discover that you really want to exercise because, maybe, you want to feel good, or impress your ‘significant’ other.

The most important thing is to make your why stronger than your reluctance to exercising.

4.    Next you should  make a decision as to how you are going to be carrying out your exercise program.

Are you going to be jogging, walking, running or whatever? Are you going to join a gym or develop a gym at home?

Are you going to go it alone, or have someone else join you?

The most important thing is to start.  Start somewhere!

5.  The next thing you should be deciding is the frequency of exercising.

Tips for Starting an Exercise Program and Staying With It

Do you want to exercise 3 days a week, 2 days a week? Then you want to determine for how long.

6.  Start small at the beginning or you may well end up   doing nothing.

Even if you start with a 5 minute program, that is still a good place.

You should congratulate yourself for finishing your first 5 minutes of exercising.  Remember,that is more than zero minutes that you have been doing before.

Rome was not build in a day and you are not going to start any exercising program by running (for example) one hour your first day.

Again, the tip here is to start small or you are going to fail. In most cases, you don’t know how much you can do until you actually start something.

That’s why starting somewhere, regardless of how small is very important.

The hope is that by following these tips, you will be on your way to developing an exercise program you can continue with.

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How to Build a Gym at Home

Today there are many folks with limited incomes who can’t afford gym fees and are looking into how to build a gym at home instead.  Either way there is cost involved, but some of the following suggestions may be helpful.Things to Remember While Establishing a Gym at Home

Don’t buy physical fitness accessories blindly

On fitness, the famed cartoonist and creator of Peanuts comic strip, Charles Schulz had commented: “Our life is a ten-speed bike, and most of the gears we rarely use!”

To a great extent he was right since many in their quest for a healthy body, do buy assorted gadgets, but rarely use them. And reasons are aplenty for such a futile fancy prevailing in our society.

One among them is the lack of awareness because of which a person blindly buys physical fitness accessories with no inkling about its end usage. Further, in many instances, when the gadget doesn’t work as per expectations, there is no proper after sales-service offered by the vendor.

Be extra particular while making the purchases

Hence, while intending to shop for gym accessories, utmost care is the need of the hour to ensure that quality products of a reputed maker are chosen and also the purchases are made from an authorized dealer.

Things to Remember While Establishing a Gym at Home

Over the last couple of years, there has been a gradual rise in the number of home gyms and corresponding fitness accessories.

The resourceful health fads prefer high-end products in design as well as the functions.  By and large, makers of quality gadgets for home gyms do focus on customer satisfaction in their innovative designs.

It would be ideal to spell out the end-uses of a gadget – whether it is for ground exercises, light workouts like stretching, pilates etc., or vigorous sessions of endurance on treadmills and barbells.

Just choose what you exactly need

Among the post-workout needs is the towel warmer that one uses either to dry the perspiring body or after a shower.  If a person visits the neighbourhood gym for the workouts, it would be ideal to choose the one that has a sauna facility.

Things to Remember While Establishing a Gym at Home

At home too, one can indulge in a refreshing bath and then use the towel from a warmer. The towel warmers come in various models, size and functional specifications.

So the preference should be the one that suits the essential needs and the credentials of the gadgets and accessories.

Going online is a great idea to serve your purpose

These days, almost all the reputed dealers are providing their customers with high quality gym accessories at an incredible pricing through their online stores.

When you conduct an independent research about gym accessories sellers on the internet, you will find a huge rundown of choices to make.

When I conducted my own online research (see my previous article on “Home Gym vs  Health Clubs“)  it was my goal to find equipment that was of good quality, supplied by a reliable source, and at a price most people could afford.

Online gym equipment sellers are able to provide cheaper things in the light of the fact that they have lighter liabilities than those who are running physical stores. They need less demanding infrastructure, reduced manpower and various other unnecessary things to run the showroom online.

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Best Fitness Tracker Review

On June  6th  of  this  year,  I published  an  article  regarding  the  value  of  using  a fitness  tracker.

After much  research,  I was comfortable recommending one particular tracker called Kungix  Activity Tracker,  which has a lot of features and is available for purchase on Amazon at a very low price of only $39.99 CAD with free delivery.

It also comes in a choice of colors and is waterproof.

Why You Should Get a Fitness Tracker

The tracker links with any iPhone iOS 8.0 & above OR Android 4 & above using the very popular VeryFitPro app, which is available for free from the Internet app stores.

In fact, I was so impressed with the apparent value of this tracker that I decided to order one for myself to try.

I have now used it for only a few weeks but can honestly say that I am very impressed, not only with the quality but with  all it can do, and do with accuracy.

The multi features of the Kungix  Activity Tracker,along with the many favorable user reviews are noted on the order site in Amazon and do not require repeating here.

The reviewers did rate the product over four stars on an average, and most seem to be impressed with the fact that the tracker  can track heart  rate as well as  sleep time and quality of sleep

Many also liked the fact that it charges quickly and will keep a charge for up to a week. 

 By coincidence, just yesterday I received an email from someone wanting to send me a new fitness tracker free of charge, provided I would pay the S&H of just under $30 USD.     He said that  the value of the tracker was $250,  but I noted that it was not even waterproof.

What was ironic about that, even if I did not already have one and had gone for the offer, was that after paying the  S&H in Canadian dollars, it would have cost me more than I already paid to Amazon for the fitness tracker that I have.

It is not even necessary to join Amazon Prime to get free shipping on this item!   

Why You Should Get a Fitness TrackerThings that  my new fitness tracker has already taught me are:

  •  I need to get more quality sleep at night.
  • Because it  records and averages bpm both day and night, I can see that I am doing well in that department.

As an encouragement to give this fitness tracker a try for yourself or as a gift to a friend or relative, if you order one here I would like to add a little bonus for you. 

If you will email me at my contact email found in the “Contact” tab of my site menu bar, when you get your receipt from Amazon, I would like to send you a brief article I posted years ago on this blog site, entitled ‘Top 6 Fitness Tips To Get You In Perfect Shape”

To this day I still consider it to be one of my favorite articles, and I would like for you to have it.

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How To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

Especially as we age the question becomes more prevalent as to how to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Do YOU know?   Most people do not have any idea that the common things we use in our daily life can also do heart disease prevention.

Heart disease is one of the diseases which can endanger a person’s life all of a sudden as in  a heart attack or heart failure. There are hundreds of reasons for a sudden heart failure in people no matter what age they are.


Chocolate Can Do Wonders to Reduce Heart Disease

It may come as a surprise that one of the most commonly used benefit is the delicious chocolate used by almost every  human being at least once in a month in one form or another.  If people realized about  how important this  ingredient really was they would definitely increase its usage.

Doctors have been known to recommend people to consume chocolate on a daily basis in any form to prevent cardiac diseases.

Dark Chocolate is recommended,  since it contains large amount of nutrients which are good for a person’s health.  It contains antioxidants which help reduce heart diseases.  It also has abundance of fiber, magnesium, iron and potassium, all of which can contribute to heart disease prevention.

Knowing about this is very important these days, since heart disease is widespread throughout almost every country in the world.

Chocolate maintains a good blood flow

One of the most important reasons for using chocolate for heart problem prevention is its ability to aid  blood flow in a person’s body. In aiding the blood flow, it also lowers blood pressure. High blood pressure can, or course, become one of the main causes of  a heart attack.

Chocolate Can Do Wonders to Reduce Heart Disease

The anti-oxidation elements in Cocoa restricts cholesterol from  accumulating in the arteries, which can also become  another big cause of  a heart attack.

In this modern world, cocoa is considered as a medicine, to ensure better cardiovascular health.  It does not only have a magnificent taste but it has large health benefits for the human body.

People should use a  diet  which reduces heart disease risk and contributes to heart disease prevention and treatment. People should always follow heart disease prevention tips to avoid cardiovascular mishaps in their body.

Other ways to reduce risk

The smooth functioning of a human body is essential for a health filled life,and smooth blood circulation  is a sign of a smoothly functioning heart.

Reduce heart disease through intake of healthy foods

Being over weight does not help to reduce heart problems, but on the contrary, may contribute to them.  People who are overweight are more prone to experience  heart disease, which can become deadly if not taken care of properly through right heart disease prevention tips.

In most of the cases, a doctors’ recommendations will include the reduction of weight in the heart disease treatment along with the following recommendations.:

• The patients with heart diseases should follow a healthy diet including rich amounts of whole grains such as found in brown rice and bread.

• Olive Oil should be made a significant ingredient of the food.

• He/she should eat sea food on a regular basis instead of only red meat which is not so healthy for humans if consumed in abundance.

• There are many brands available which offer low fat or fat-free dairy products.  One should make the low fat eatables an important food on a regular basis.

• Large amounts of sodium in food should be avoided.

• Fruits should be taken in abundance.

• Fried food should be avoided where possible, and preferably grilled or steamed food should be eaten instead.

Exercise contributes to a healthy life!

Chocolate Can Do Wonders to Reduce Heart Disease

Not only healthy foods but there are many exercises which a person can do to help. Doing exercise on a daily basis, keeping your body fit and used to stressful activity can help a lot in dealing with cardiac diseases and coping with them on a long term basis.

What is a  heart made up of? It is made up of muscles which need to stretch and exercise all the time. When a person exercises, his/her heart has to increase  blood flow to all parts of the body which in turn causes it to  start functioning with greater efficiency. This in turn will cause the heart  to live longer.

Exercise on a regular basis is very important for burning calories and decreasing the amount of accumulated cholesterol.  Also, exercise keeps the heart flexible in it’s job of pumping blood and helps to keep the blood pressure normal.

Doctors recommend that every person should exercise for at least 30 minutes daily to keep the body fit and healthy. Yoga and jogging at an appropriate rate of running is considered good for heart disease prevention as well as treatment.

A healthy heart burns off your stress and makes you sleep better which ultimately results in a healthy and fit life.

These heart disease prevention tips should be adopted in everyone’s life in order to live longer.

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