Alzheimer Interesting Facts

Tere are many aspects of Alzheimer interesting Facts that are worth investigatingAlzheimer's Facts and Myths

Many people are taking care of their senior loved ones. They may be suffering from Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s). This is a normal part of the aging process.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease and what causes it?   Age is the No. 1 risk factor. The older you are, the more likely you are to get Alzheimer’s.   The actual cause isn’t fully known.

The list of things that don’t cause dementia includes aluminum cans and cooking pots, flu shots, artificial sweeteners, and silver dental fillings.

 Dementia is a generic term for having trouble with learning and memory and function. 

Alzheimer's Facts and Myths

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. It accounts for up to 60% to 80% of all cases. Other types of dementia include:

  • Vascular Dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Drug side effects
  • Brain Damage
  • Alcoholism

These symptoms may get better when treated. Alzheimer’s on the other hand can not get better with medication. There are some experimental drugs that have been shown to slow the progress.

Alzheimer’s Myths

Can a better diet slow or cure the disease?   As of today, the answer is No.

There is no current vitamins or supplements that have been shown to affect Alzheimer’s.  Research suggests a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts to help protect your brain’s function.

Alzheimer’s is Inherited (myth) 

Alzheimer's Facts and Myths

Your genetics play a role, though. If you have a parent or sibling with Alzheimer’s, you’ll have a higher chance of getting the disease. That’s something you can’t change.

Repeating yourself, getting lost when going to a familiar place, and showing fuzzy thinking skills all show up after the process of Alzheimer’s has already begun in the brain.

Researchers believe the disease may start to cause physical changes years or decades before symptoms appear.

Memory Loss Begins

It’s normal to forget your car keys or to forget to pay a bill. It’s a warning sign you may be developing Dementia if you forget lots of things, big events or taking your medication.

It’s normal to forget pills but finding them in the microwave, or accusing a loved one of stealing them is not.

Alzheimer’s is normal for Seniors (myth)

No, Age Induced medication Errors (AIMM’s) is Normal.

Alzheimer’s isn’t a normal part of aging.

It’s true that most people who get it are over 65. Statically the risk doubles every 5 years after 65. That being said, nearly 75% of 85-year-olds don’t have it. It can start young in rare cases.

Alzheimer’s prevention Techniques

Studies are inconclusive. They don’t show evidence that doing mental work can prevent Alzheimer’s.  But it may help build brainpower that helps you hold off memory loss.

For general health, it’s a good idea to work out your brain every day.

New Wave of Medications

Alzheimer’s medication studies are on the fore front of medical research.

Alzheimer's Facts and Myths

The public and private outpouring of support is a sign that one day the disease will be cured. 

Caregivers take heart, you are true angels if you are taking care of an individual with Advanced Alzheimer’s.

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  1. Hello Ronald, you had just addressed a really vital issue and we all know we are somehow prone to suffering from Alzheimer if we are not careful and take good care of ourselves while we can to avoid it in later time. Memory loss like we have seen here is inevitable at a certain age but with the right exercise it would be reduced. cheers

  2. Hi,

    thank you for clearly talking about these myths that surround Alzheimer. I have been more than once heard about certain vitamins that “help stop” Alzheimer from advancing. But, yeah, it’s good to know that there are no serious discoveries up to this point that prove those statements.

    Genetics does play an important role here.

  3. Nice article on “Alzheimer’s disease”

    I have heard of this disease before, I know it has effect on mostly aged or senior ones but is it possible that maybe the middled-aged can still have the disease? I have an elder sister at age 30 who exhibit the symptoms of the disease. I want to clear on that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for such a concise article. Research is not yet conclusive, but certain lifestyle choices, such as physical activity and diet, may help support brain health and prevent Alzheimer’s. Many of these lifestyle changes have been shown to lower the risk of other diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, which have been linked to Alzheimer’s.Applying these physical activity will go a long way in the prevention. 


  5. This is not a really pleasant disease to be honest because I have a friend whose mum actually has the disease and it is always very sad to see her like that. It has really gotten to a bad stage and the dementia makes her really forget so many things I agree that it comes with old age but I thought it is passed from generation to generation. That’s a stupid myth I held on to.

  6. This is a topic that is very dear to me.  My uncle has Alzheimers and has suffered for years.  Your content was very informative for me.  I’ve wondered if it was hereditary as he has 4 children so I’ve been concerned for them as well.  I also found it interesting that although keeping your brain active is good for you, it doesn’t prevent this awful disease from happening.  Thank you for sharing such important information.  I pray they will find a cure soon.

  7. Helooo, I really want to say a big thanks to you for the awesome and really amazing article. It’s really encouraging. Alzheimer interesting facts is a very rare topic and I must tell I have really been impacted with lots of knowledge by seeing this educating article. We really hope that a cure to this health challenge is really discovered. Thanks

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