5 Tips For Seasonal Depression Treatment

It is good to have on hand some knowledge about  seasonal depression treatment.

Many people experience seasonalI depression, commonly known as seasonal  affective disorder (SAD) that causes depressive episodes during different seasons.

5 Tips to Beat Seasonal Depression

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) says that around 4 to 10 percent of people in the United States suffer from SAD. This is probably similar in other countries as well.

However, some studies suggest that nearly 20 percent of people may be affected by this disorder. Though more people are affected by SAD during the winter season, one can exhibit depressive symptoms even during the summer season.

When summer is marked by rainy days, things tend to worsen.  Rainy days mean less light, which makes a person sleepy and gloomy with the body signaling that it is time to rest.

If you do not like summer and feel that depression engulfs you in this weather, here are five summer depression busters that you can adopt:

    1. Plan something to lift the mood:5 Tips to Beat Seasonal Depression

To beat the summer blues, one does not have to plan an exotic holiday that might create a hole in the pocket. Going to a quiet café for lunch with a friend, or going on a long drive might just help beat the low mood.

Planning something interesting throughout the entire summer can boost the mood and cut down depressive episodes.

        2. Don’t dehydrate:

Summer is the time when dehydration can catch you unawares. Have adequate water, citrus fruits, or refreshing juices to keep yourself hydrated

. According to studies conducted by the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory, even mild dehydration can significantly alter a person’s mood, energy levels and his ability to think clearly.

5 Tips to Beat Seasonal DepressionResearchers recommend that individuals should drink eight, 8 ounce gasses or  water a day, which is approximately equivalent to about 2 liters.

          3. Be near people:

Being in isolation can make one more depressed than ever. One of the best things to do when depressed is to catch hold of a few friends and spend time with them.

One can chat near a pool or just watch TV together. Even picking up a phone and calling up someone can help beat summer blues.

          4. Involve yourself in something new:

Summer is a great time to take part in new activities.

Break the monotony and try new things. For example, getting up early in the morning and taking a jog at a park will refresh the mind.

Learning a new sport can also help better the mood and distract from depressive thoughts.

          5. Eat foods that help boost moods:

When depressed, a person is prone to eating more.  Moreover, during the summers, diet soda, ice cream, sweets, etc., usually become an integral part of our daily food.

It must be remembered,however, that sugar can aggravate depressive symptoms.  Once the sugary flavor wears out, one might just feel worse than ever.

Thus, it is recommended to consume healthful foods that boost the moods, like walnuts, blueberries, yogurt, chocolates, turkey, greasy fish, etc.

5 Tips to Beat Seasonal Depression

            Battling summer depression

Just when beating the heat was a task in itself, depression stepped in to add to the problems.

However, with little efforts from our own self, we can fight depression this summer and feel new and refreshed.

But if depression persists and there is no relief from the terrible mood swings, opt for a depression help.

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips For Seasonal Depression Treatment”

  1. Hi! Thank you for this very interesting read. I appreciate these tips. And I honestly didn’t know that even mild dehydration had such a negative effect on our mood. I like to drink abundant water during the day. And I love citrus fruits and refreshing juices. But bearing this in mind, from now on I’ll enjoy them even more. 

    1. Thanks Henry for your comments. You might be interested in the reply I made to Mary regarding  how much water you need to drink every day.

      I wish you well,



  2. Hi, those are great tips and not difficult to use. I agree with you. I just didn’t think about foods that help boost people’s mood. The fruits you mentioned are also helpful in weight loss and diabetes. Is there any way that can help me drink enough water? I usually don’t remember to drink water and when I do I drink just a little. I would appreciate your reply. 

    Thank you for your post. 

    1. Thank you for your comments and your question Mary.  A little trick I learned from a weight loss program that worked for me was to put the water you need to drink tomorrow in a container of that capacity in the fridge at night and that let’s you know what you need to drink during the day tomorrow.  It takes a little practice but it will soon become very easy to do. You should be drinking in ounces every day half of what you weigh in pounds.  (e.g. If you weigh 120 lbs. you need to drink 60 ounces of water per day minimum.)

      Let me know how you make out.



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